January 15, 2020

A leap of faith and I’m celebrating 29 years

A woman I once met at an event said, “Omigosh, you have my dream job!”

Most days, I think that too. In fact, during a conversation about “the best thing that’s ever happened to you,” I realized that launching my business 29 years ago this month is my “best thing.”

However, I didn’t wait for it to happen to me. I deliberately took a leap of faith. Or, as I put it in a post in 2017, it wasn’t really as fast as a leap. It was more like stretching and warming up and slowly building up to a hop over the fence.

I agonized about it for more than a year. I registered the name Get It Write in January 1990 and signed up for a tax number the following December. The business was officially active on January 15, 1991 and the first invoice went out the next day. I haven’t looked back.

Rather than write a new post, I’m pointing you to one from 2017 that shares some of the best things about running my own business. I also have advice for anyone thinking about making the leap (hop) too.

As always, thanks for reading.

Warm regards,

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