Is your newsletter working for you?
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Hi <<First Name>>

Is your newsletter working for you?
How do you make sure your newsletters are read?
Do you find you aren't getting enough 'opens'?

1. Keep it simple and strong.
You have a very short time to get your subscribers' attention. So keep your message simple with powerful content and don't put in any difficult words or jargon.

2. Make your message scannable.
Nobody has time or wants to read complicated script. So...
  • make it to the point
  • use punchy sub-headings
  • include bulleted lists and
  • use small bits of information so that it can be read quickly.
3. Focus on the benefits to your reader.
Not on you and your company.

4. Ensure you follow through on your subject.
Otherwise your readers will feel cheated.

5. Get to know your target market.
Then you can direct your content to their needs. Relevant information is so important.

6. Include Calls to Action.
Such as "buy now", "call me now'" or "sign up today'" so that your subscribers are left in no doubt what to do.

7. Little and often 
is better than sending an infrequent long newsletter!

Best wishes


if you would like advice on getting a newsletter started for your business or maybe I've reminded you that you've let your newsletters lapse and you need to get back on track.



Have you wondered how to set up a landing page to promote your offer, service or webinar and capture your customers email details at the same time? Well all this is possible through Leadpages and the pages can be added to your Wordpress website, Facebook, newsletter etc.

I have a special offer for the initial setting up of a Leadpages' landing page, adding your branding, logo etc., inserting a picture or video, adding text, integrating with your email marketing account, testing and adding a thank you page.

Contact me if you would like to know more on
Do you use forms in your business?

Do you have too much paperwork in your life?
Do you send out forms and then have difficulty getting your clients to fill them out and send them back?
Wouldn't it be much easier if everything could be done online?


Jotform is a convenient way of creating a form online and if you would like to know more click this link or click the picture. The form can be filled out and returned to you and can be put on your website or sent out via an email.

If you would like to know more about this and any of my other services, please contact me on or see my website on



I am offering the following packages and will give you an inclusive price after a free consultation to ascertain your exact requirements.

  • Newsletters - setting up, designing the template, adding contacts etc.            
  • Regular Newsletters   (both inserting your prepared content or researching and writing content, testing links etc.) - Price after consultation on exact requirements
  • Updating Websites - updating your content, plugins, security, preparing a landing page
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Leadpages - setting up a landing page and also connecting to an offer in Facebook. Capturing email addresses to your email marketing list
  • Mailshot
  • Webinars  - setting up a webinar in Go to Webinar.

Please contact me if there are any other packages you would like me to cover by emailing me on
My niche market is the Wellness Industry
and I am very interested in helping therapists and coaches promote their businesses through online marketing to attract more clients.

Do contact me if you would like to discuss how I can help you. Email
Imagine how much you could achieve in your business if there was a solution that allowed you to focus on the important aspects of your business? A solution that allowed someone else to look after your administration, marketing, social media, emails and all the things you generally don’t like doing or simply don’t have time to do whilst running your business?


“When I was approached to present a series of webinars, I turned to Dianne Edwards, who without hesitation and with a calm and reassuring approach, talked me through the process, set up the online info for this to happen, broke every important detail down into a very clear and easy to follow “to do” list.

From planning to presentation, Dianne was there to hold my technical hand, and quite frankly, I would not have had the wonderful feedback myself without her patience, expertise and attention to detail.

Thank you for your invaluable input, and for anyone stepping into this line of business presentation, I would not hesitate to recommend a meeting and more with Dianne.
I needed to find someone who would understand my work and the needs for my business.

Her professionalism has been fantastic, she is so easy to work with and she is always available on the phone or online. I can only highly recommend Dianne to anyone who needs that extra help and peace of mind that the work is done. It is definitely the best investment I ever made in my business."


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