Is September the new January?
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Hi <<First Name>>
I know that January has always been the popular time to set goals and resolutions but as summer finishes and the school year gets going it is the ideal time to start afresh!!! We have been programmed since we started school – in France it is a big event known as La Rentree – that it is a time when we start anew and decide what you want to achieve in the year ahead.
Having been away on holiday there is a new energy in September (unlike January when everyone returns to work overweight, exhausted, cold and lacking foresight after the Christmas festivities.) At the same time we're not being bombarded with pressures to set those goals and resolutions so now is the time to really focus on what really needs to be done to make your business successful.

For instance I personally feel bad because I have been busy working on my client's newsletters and neglecting to send my own, so I know how you may be feeling!!! Have you let your newsletters to your cients:
*  lapse and you need to get back on track
*  have you thought about sending a newsletter but didn't know where to start
*  have you been sending newsletters for a long time and feel the time has come for a revamp.

if you would like advice on getting a newsletter started for your business or maybe I've reminded you that you've let your newsletters lapse and you need to get back on track.

I am in London for the next few days if you would like to meet up to discuss your newsletter or any other help you may require.

Best wishes


PS Please forward this email to anyone you know who could benefit from my help.
The Benefits of Sending a Newsletter

1.  Engaging with your contacts
It's a great way of engaging with your contacts. It is important to have good branding so that your contacts can easily recognise you.
2.  It's simple
Anyone can send a newsletter at any time.
3.  Low Cost
It's low cost especially compared with the cost of sending printed newsletters by post. In addition it supports the green issue and it's paperless.
4.  Easy to track
Through email marketing providers' analytics, it is easy to find out who read, unsubscribed, clicked through on your message and those that have bounced.
 5.  Opt-in or Unsubscribe Options
You know that contacts can opt-out if they don't want to receive your newsletter.
 6.  Fast Response
We all know that the post is slow and expensive. Through email marketing, however, you can get a response between 1-3 days.
 7.  International
Can reach people wherever they are in the World.
 8.  Highly Personal
Allows you to personally greet your contacts. It is also possible to segment your lists to target the type of audience you want.
 9.  Interactive
You can make campaigns using videos, graphics, music, quizzes – anything to draw your audience in. 
10.  Easy to Share
Subscribers can forward brilliant deals and offers to their friends at the click of a button.


Have you wondered how to set up a landing page to promote your offer, service or webinar and capture your customers email details at the same time? Well all this is possible through Leadpages and the pages can be added to your Wordpress website, Facebook, newsletter etc.

I have a special offer for the initial setting up of a Leadpages' landing page, adding your branding, logo etc., inserting a picture or video, adding text, integrating with your email marketing account, testing and adding a thank you page.

Contact me if you would like to know more on


"Dianne is a fantastic VA and keeps things running smoothly in my business, doing all the things I don't have time to do. She's extremely proficient in producing newsletters, setting up landingpages and using social media for promoting events, She's been a great support when I've run training courses and always has good, helpful ideas for making life easier. Thank you Dianne."

Lindsay West 9.7.16


I am offering the following packages and will give you an inclusive price after a free consultation to ascertain your exact requirements.

  • Newsletters - setting up, designing the template, adding contacts etc.            
  • Regular Newsletters   (both inserting your prepared content or researching and writing content, testing links etc.) - Price after consultation on exact requirements
  • Updating Websites - updating your content, plugins, security, preparing a landing page
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Leadpages - setting up a landing page and also connecting to an offer in Facebook. Capturing email addresses to your email marketing list
  • Mailshot
  • Webinars  - setting up a webinar in Go to Webinar.

Please contact me if there are any other packages you would like me to cover by emailing me on
I have a lot of experience in working in the Wellness Industry
and I am very interested in helping therapists and coaches promote their businesses through online marketing to attract more clients.

Do contact me if you would like to discuss how I can help you. Email
Imagine how much you could achieve in your business if there was a solution that allowed you to focus on the important aspects of your business? A solution that allowed someone else to look after your administration, marketing, social media, emails and all the things you generally don’t like doing or simply don’t have time to do whilst running your business?
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