Rick Warren

Is Legalism Killing Your Joy In Ministry?

By Pastor Rick Warren

Legalism is a ministry killjoy. It destroys the natural joy that comes from serving others in ministry like nothing else I’ve seen. I’ve seen more ministries ruined by legalism than anything else.

What is legalism? Legalism happens when we substitute our rules and rituals for our relationship with Christ. It’s a subtle trap that takes the focus off of what God has done for you and slowly turns it to what you have done for God.

In Philippians 3, Paul tells us flat out that he’s tried legalism. In the process, he points out five different ways he had been a legalist – ways that still haunt many of us today.


Christian Media Barely Reaching Beyond the Faithful

By Bob Smietana


Christian broadcasters have a devoted following, with about two-thirds of weekly churchgoers and evangelicals saying they tune in to Christian radio and television on a regular basis.

Christian books have a similar use by churchgoers and evangelicals and Christian movies remain popular, with about 4 in 10 Americans having seen one in the last year.

But many Americans ignore Christian media.


The Extreme Sport of Raising Money for a New Church Plant

By Ron Sylvia

Extreme SportWhere do you find enough money to start a church during a global recession? Starting a church in good economic times is daunting enough, but starting one now borders on insanity. Insanity or not, church planting has never been a sport for the faint-hearted. In fact, I have always called it the extreme sport of ministry.

Unless you are independently wealthy, starting a church will take more money than you currently have at your disposal. If you cannot raise money, you cannot start a self-sufficient sustainable church. The average church plant raises $100,000 in the first four years from outside support. Only 60% of those are self-sufficient by year four. If a church is not self-sufficient by year five, it tends to represent a patient on life support rather than a vibrant life. You may love God with all your heart and know His Word better than Billy Graham, but if you cannot raise money you will not have a church in a few years.


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Church Sucks!

By Kurt Bubna
Editor's Note: Seriously, just read it.


We often miss hearing God's voice simply because we aren't paying attention.   
- Rick Warren

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