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Happy new year! Still less than a year old, National Numeracy has been highly active in recent months forming new partnerships and speaking out as loudly as possible about the need to improve the UK’s numeracy and shed negative attitudes to maths. Our message remains: everyone can improve their everyday maths skills – with support and determination. We are also now developing our first major practical project, the National Numeracy Challenge, which has the potential to make a significant difference to levels of adult numeracy.

In the news...

National Numeracy Challenge

The Challenge was announced in October at a reception at the House of Lords attended by 180 people from business, education, politics, and the voluntary sector. The Challenge aims to reach 1 million adults over a five-year period, concentrating initially on those in employment, but expanding into areas beyond this. Working with a range of partners from all sectors, we will challenge those taking part to improve their numeracy skills to at least Level 1 (roughly equivalent to the standards expected of 14-year-olds). With 17 million people of working age in England currently below this level, the Challenge will begin to tackle an enormous and long-term task. Read more.


National Numeracy and the media

We have continued to attract media attention, with both the press and media organisations seeking our views on a range of numeracy and maths developments. There was particular interest in our announcement on the Challenge, our thoughts to the government’s announcement on the calculator ban and the publication of the full Skills for Life report. We even featured in a broadcast by China Central TV on maths in the UK…….

Research focus...

Full Skills for Life Survey results

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills has published the full report of the 2011 Skills for Life Survey, the headlines of which, first released in December 2011, revealed the now infamous statistic of 17 million adults with primary-level maths skills. The full report offers a fascinating mass of detail on numeracy, literacy and IT skills – by region, age, gender and employment status. We have summarised the key findings on numeracy.
Read more.

Other projects and activities...

Developing the 'Essentials of Numeracy for all'

A key element of the Challenge is to agree on the skills, processes, concepts and attitudes that define 'being numerate'. This will ensure the assessment and learning materials are sound, reliable and consistent and address all the essential elements of numeracy for work and adult life. We already have an outline model and we are now working with a wide range of partners to develop this further. We would welcome your thoughts too.
Read more.

Other updates

Other Updates...

The Martin Lewis Money Show

As part of our work developing the 'Essentials of Numeracy for all', we hope to work with to highlight the maths concepts that underpin financial literacy. Read more.  

School numeracy

A number of schools have told us that they are already using our 'Essentials of Numeracy for all' model as a basis for their whole school numeracy strategy. Although designed primarily for adult learning, we believe the model is also valuable to schools trying to ensure they equip their students with the maths they need for everyday life.

UK Parliament

The role of National Numeracy received recognition from MPs in December's Education Questions in the House of Commons. Read more.

Job Vacancies

We are currently recruiting for a Project Manager to support the Challenge. Read more.

Spread the word

We have produced a leaflet outlining what we are trying to achieve and how we are doing it. Please get in touch if you are holding an event where you think this would be useful to distribute.

Your Ideas

Let us know what you think about any of our reports, or what else you would like to see covered in this newsletter.
Raising achievement in maths for all in Years 3 & 4

Raising achievement
in maths for all in 
Years 3 & 4

The schools have just completed the first term of the pilot. Feedback, even at this early stage in the process is highly positive, with schools claiming that they are learning to look at how they have traditionally taught mathematics in a new and more exciting way. 
Find out more.
National Numeracy Challenge


We are delighted to be involved in the NIACE-led initiative to engage adults in maths. This brings together a range of organisations leading on or supporting the delivery of maths for adults. The National Numeracy Challenge will form an essential part of the initiative.
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The Skills Show

Skills Show 2012      
15 - 17 Nov 
NEC, Birmingham

Over 3,000 visitors ‘had a go’ on our stand and were challenged through a range of cycling and Olympic-themed activities. These encouraged them to see how numeracy/maths skills can be applied in many different situations and are an essential part of everyday life. 
Find out more.
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