I fully intended to write from Venice earlier this month, but time got away from me. I'm back home now, so I thought I’d send some inspirational photos instead. 

The above photo was taken from my closest water bus stop, Tre Archi. I didn’t get around the island as much as I’d expected, although I did go out every day and I got to know the water bus system very well! I liked the early mornings the best, before it got so crowded and hot. I had planned to take tons of photos; instead I took less than tons, but I really liked the ones I came away with. And we all know quality is better than quantity, yes?

A must see on my list was the island of Burano. I've always loved those photos of brightly colored houses - plus there is the lace. But honestly, I just couldn't take the crowds. I couldn't manage a photo without them, so I leave that to pinterest. Burano is joined by a footbridge to another island that was much more my suiting: Mazzorbo. I found some wonderful trees on that island!

Oh, and here's one of my favorite bridges...

That was from the island of Torcello.
Next time, I promise to get back to the subject of knitting!

Til then,
Have fun,

PS. Since I’ve returned to tapestry weaving, I’ve been thinking a lot about knitted tapestries. Well, technically, I guess I can’t call them “tapestries” since the definition involves warp and weft, but - you know - wall hangings. Not the macrame looking type, but more picturesque. Intarsia comes to mind, but I’m not really thinking of that, either. I did an online search and still haven’t found that ideal image of what I have in mind. If you know of something wonderful like that, please send me a link or photo!



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