Knitting in Tuscany...

Ciao, y’all!


I’m back in Montisi again! I came here two years ago with Susan and her Knitting in Tuscany trip and I’ve been dreaming of returning ever since. 

This part of the world has me totally enchanted. If I were in a position I could do so, I’d move here in a heartbeat. But since I'm not, I’ll just consider myself very fortunate to be back again with the Knitting in Tuscany crew.


I’m teaching for two weeks. This week and then 2 weeks from now. The middle week is needlepoint and I’m treating myself to a week in a nearby village; more on that next week.

You'll be hearing more about the people and environment here over the next year because I'm going to start working on a Montisi Collection in the months to come: a collection of sweaters each centered around one of the people in the village. Again, more on that later!


Oh, and here are a few  links I  found interesting:


A couple good knitting technique tips from Ysolda. 

Both good to know.

Have you heard of Amazon’s new Handmade section?

Here’s a review I found informative.



Till next week,
Happy knitting!

Tuscan Cowl

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