My big Winter Knitting Project…

Previously my big Summer Knitting Project…

I started this blanket for my son over a year ago. I worked on it diligently the first few weeks, then had to set it aside for other projects. This is how much I got done after about 3 weeks:

And this is where I am now:

For a better sense of scale, each floor tile is 18" square.

I have a favorite story I like to tell about this blanket. Ray was home for school break this past August when I returned from teaching at Stitches Midwest. We were all (me, my husband, and Ray) going to watch a movie together so I was rummaging through my studio yarns to come up with something to knit during the movie.

Ray walked in and asked me what I was looking for and he suggested I knit on his blanket. I brightened right up and said “Yes! That’s a great idea! I **love** to work on that blanket!” 

His answer made me stop and think. He said “Then you should. You should knit for pleasure.”

As should we all! 

So much of my work is knitting; so much of my knitting is work. Does it mean I don’t get pleasure from it? No, I believe I get pleasure from almost anything I knit, but this blanket does give me an elevated form of it. I think maybe because it’s a gift for someone I love. Those knits are special.

Are you knitting for someone you love this holiday season? I’d love to hear what you’re working on!

Till next week,

Knit for pleasure!


PS. My friend and Stitches roommate, Judith Durant, just posted a drop-dead gorgeous Retirement blanket on Facebook. Check it out! Hers might be a little larger than Ray's but it looks close. If I go at her rate- I’ll be done in 4 more years!!!


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