Halloween is such a sweet treat!

Just the thing to make  your Halloween a "fang-tastic" party ....

Autumn's here and brings with it our favorite holidays.... Halloween has been on my list of favorites since my sons were little and the license to be scary and silly was so appealing, not to mention the candy treats neighbors just gave for the asking.  I also like that there's no fancy meal prep (unless you consider an appetizer of peeled eyeballs fancy) involved with Halloween -- just shrieks of eerie delight.  So it's always fun to create the assortments to evoke the mood -- the fangs, eyeballs, haunted houses and coffins should do it! 
I've included below pictures of our autumnal dozens, just in case  you're delighted by the new season, but not necessarily thrilled at the thought of ghouls at the door.  
Please let us have your order  by October 14th if we'll send them for you.  BTW, these cookies fit extremely well into college mailboxes ....

Show me the cookies -- I'm not afraid.

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