GeoBurst creates ZEST for MATHEMATICS through hands-on activities.  This science education enrichment initiative focuses solely on mathematics and is not for profit.
MakerFaire follow up

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I am Alejandro Erickson, founder and volunteer Director of GeoBurst.  This is the first of GeoBurst's newsletters, which will be sent occasionally to announce major events, milestones, volunteer, and sponsorship opportunites.  Thank you for signing up (or accepting that I volunteered you from my personal contacts ^_^), and I hope you continue to allow the newsletter a space in your inbox.

GeoBurst is a great cause with a lot of potential, and if there is one favour you can do us, it is LIKE GeoBurst on Facebook and tell your friends.  I also strongly encourage you to become more involved by signing up to one or more of the following two lists:


We want to expand to Vancouver

Alejandro Erickson lives in Victoria, BC, but there is a demand for GeoBurst's interactive shows and experience in Vancouver.  If you would like to help GeoBurst expand its capabilities to Greater Vancouver, please reply to this email.

Vancouver MakerFaire 2012

Here is a video of our MakerFaire weekend compressed into 30 awesometastic seconds.

Vancouver MakerFaire 2012

Adorable Girl likes George Hart's 72 PencilsI count 30 people interacting with GeoBurst's booth.  WOW!

GeoBurst participants at MakerFaire

Thank you all so much for visiting GeoBurst's booth, building mathematical sculptures with us, and signing up to our newsletter.  The number of people we had was astounding, and your compliments are very encouraging.  Your enthusiasm proves to us the potential for GeoBurst to create ZEST for MATHEMATICS.

We have plans to participate next year too!

GeoBurst's Volunteers for MakerFaire

Russell Campbell helps notch sticksYou all deserve a huge round of applause.  GeoBurst's performance at MakerFaire surpassed our expectations, and it would not have happened if not for the enormous amount of work put in by volunteers (speak out if your name is missing!).
  • Consulting: Veronika Irvine, Kseniya Garaschuk, Eric Davies, Russell Campbell, Marcus Emmanuel Barnes, Gavin Steininger, Kassia Holland, Dr. Veselin Jungic, Aras Balali Moghaddam, Geoff Peters.
  • Materials preparation: Russell Campbell, Eric Davies, Gavin Steininger, Kassia Holland, Chilly the Dog.
  • MakerFaire: Ester Tejeda, John-Mark Campbell, Dr. Veselin Jungic, Stephani Monkman, Aras Balali Moghaddam, Jamie Beaman, Austin Vanhumbeck, Matthew Bovencamp, Dr. Matt DeVos, Marisa Debowsky.
If anyone can think of a better way to notch the sticks, please let us know :)


What's next?

Science Venture Summer Camp with Science Venture

We will build tensegrities for two entire tracks of science summer camps at The University of Victoria.

 Vancouver Island MakerFaire

July 28-29, GeoBurst will do it all over again at Vancouver Island MakerFaire.  This time we will attempt to construct a giant 30 strut tensegrity ball nearly 5m tall!

CMS Math CampsCanadian Mathematical Society Math Camp at The University of Victoria

GeoBurst will give two presentations at Math Camp; our Zero sumZ card game, and Hexastix.  Last year, Hexastix were the camp's favourite activity.  Math Camp is a week long day camp for mathematically keen high school students in BC (they already have the ZEST :).

Math Catcher

In the new school year, GeoBurst will continue to partner with Math Catcher, by travelling to First Nations schools with their team.  In May and June 2012 we reached over 200 students, and received dozens of thank you letters from them, as well as testimonials from teachers.
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