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Tim's Story

Rhythms of Grace

"When I think back to my life before Christ, if I had to describe it in one word, probably temporal would be the word. Or short. When I think back to some of the crazy stuff that I have done, I'm really lucky to be alive...I partied till it wasn't fun anymore, and I was...searching -- searching for something."

Grace Church, a Grace Brethren congregation in Wooster Ohio (Bob Fetterhoff, senior pastor), shares an interview with Tim, the drummer in their music ministry, where he tells his story of how God captured his heart. Tim gave up drumming for several years because of its association with his old life, but God opened the door for him to use his passion to serve Christ instead. Click the picture above to watch the video.


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Philippe Viguier, pastors at the Grace Brethren church in Lyon, France, shares a brief video detailing what God is doing in their church of late. He writes:

"You want a little tour of our church? Please watch this video and practice your French!  It was meant to be general enough to give a fair presentation of the evangelicals of France. It has already been a neat way to introduce unchurched people to our community life."

 here to watch the video and follow along with the translation the translation below.
"The evangelical movement is one of the most widespread movements in the world. It gathers close to half a billion individuals scattered around the globe. It is a unique movement because the common faith shared by evangelical is not based on a particular culture, or on many traditions. It remains in its expression extremely diversified according to its time, and its geographical or social context. When we speak of evangelicals, we speak of one of the most multi-cultural community that can be found.

Greetings, my name is Philippe Viguier, and I am the Pastor here at the Protestant Evangelical Church of Villeurbanne, near Lyon. Today I would like to serve as a guide to answer this question that many ask: what happens in an evangelical church?

The word “church”, in its origins, means to “gather,” to “assemble.” It’s more than a building. It is a community, a family. A group of individuals united through values and convictions: namely to follow the example and teachings of Jesus Christ, who has changed our lives.

We are attached to his teaching. This is why we take seriously the study of the Word and its application. An important portion of our gatherings on Sunday mornings is devoted to preaching, where the message of the Bible is explained and applied to our daily lives; for adults and children. The goal of Jesus was first and foremost to make God known. This is why our gatherings are times of celebration and joy for the God, who has made Himself known through the Bible and in our lives.

We celebrate God for who He is, the almighty God, generous in goodness and love, and for what He has done for us. He sent Jesus to pay the penalty for our sins, suffering for us on the cross. Jesus rose from the dead, declaring his victory over death, and granting an eternal reconciliation between imperfect men and women and a perfect God.

With this same mindset, we also have weekly meetings: home groups, mixing people from all generations, youth groups, times for men or women. These groups allow us to pray for one another, to grow deeper relationships within our community and to apply the central teaching of Jesus which is to love and serve one another.
Jonathan: I come to this church because there are many young people like me with whom I can share my daily challenges and grow together

Mireille: Spiritually, this church means a lot to me, it helps me grow in my faith

Michel: It is my spiritual family, the place where I learn how others live their faith and how they personally know God, it is a place for communion.

Clément: For real, it is cool to be in a church where people help each other and love each other.

Meinhild: It is a place where I am renewed in my relationship with God, and I receive biblical teaching which is the authority in my life.
"As we follow Jesus, our desire is to have a genuine and vibrant faith. We do not want to simply follow rituals, but to act and testify of the new life that Jesus gives. Jesus has been changing lives for 2000 years, and he continues to do it today. This is our faith and message."

Events in the FGBC

June 13-17, 2016   Encounter SoCal (EWP)
June 19-25, 2016  The Great Canadian Adventure, Toronto, Canada (GBC)
June 20-July 11, 2016  Operation Barnabas Tours (CEN)
June 22-28, 2016  Mission Trip to Haiti (WGUSA)
June 27-July 1, 2016  Encounter Atlanta Atlanta, Ga. (EWP)
July 4-10, 2016  StreetWise (formerly Crosswalk) Philadelphia, Pa. (CEN)
July 22-25, 2016  Margins Conference Toronto, Canada (FGBC) 
July 26-31, 2016  Momentum Youth Conference Cedarville, Ohio (CEN)
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