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A Sunday church service at Rendezvous, a yearly gathering of Grace Brethren Boys. 

A Rendezvous of Future Leaders 

Once every summer, a group of boys and men from Grace Brethren churches meet in the woods. They camp, hike, practice tying knots, sing around bonfires, and hear the word of God.

This unique gathering is Rendezvous, an annual week-long campout of Grace Brethren Boys (GBB) units from twelve Grace Brethren churches in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. Rendezvous is a way for GBB members to disconnect with the busyness of the world and reconnect with nature, with fellow Christ-followers, and with God.

Established in 1974 and modeled after the Boy Scouts, GBB gives young boys the opportunity to receive mentoring from Christian men and church leaders. In the program, unit leaders take the boys, who range from ages 5-18, on camping and service trips, guide them through Scripture, and teach them the basics of the Christian faith. They often meet on Wednesday nights at their local churches to study the Bible and work towards higher ranks.

This year’s Rendezvous was held June 22 through 27 in the rolling hills of southern Ohio at Burr Oak State Park. During Rendezvous, the older boys (ages 12-18) had the opportunity to go on a two-day backpacking trip, as well as spend time with fathers and mentors who gave them the responsibility over a group of younger boys to lead devotions and prayers during the week.

“We are very intentional with older boys in their development as leaders,” said Rob Gable, GBB director. “The older boys spread out among younger guy groups and practice leadership. We meet with the older boys in the evening to discuss the next morning’s devotional, pray about each day, and for each other.”

Patterned after II Timothy 2:2, GBB's mission is to reach boys for Christ, instill godly character through discipleship, and mold them into godly leaders in their family, their church, and their community. Over the past five years as director, Gable has started to GBB’s focus in order to emphasize leadership and character development as well as solid biblical training, and discipleship.

Besides Rendezvous, GBB offers seasonal district outpost events (often in the form of a weekend camping trip), as well as a quadrennial event called Timothy Adventure for higher-level young men (ages 13 and up). The first Timothy Adventure will be this summer in Alaska and will include eight young men and four leaders. The focus will be on personal reflection and leadership development with emphasis on GBB's philosophy of ministry.

“There are so many things competing for these boys’ time,” said Gable. “Rendezvous is removing them from the many influences of the world, bringing their focus on manhood and giving them godly examples to follow.”

Scroll down to see pictures from this year's Rendezvous.
Images from Rendezvous
Top: GBB leaders instill character and a sense of leadership into the lives of the boys in their groups. Carl Kaylor from the Grace Brethren Church in Palmyra, Pa. (Dan Travis, senior pastor) attended part of this year's Rendezvous.
Members of GBB practicing knots and setting up camp at Burr Oak State Park, this year's Rendezvous location.


Former Grace Brethren pastor Richard (Dick) Battis, Sr., 81, died June 23, 2014, in Tucson, Ariz. Services were held on Saturday, June 28, 2014, in Tucson. Click here to read his obituary.

Rich Yauger, formerly on staff at Grace Community Church, a Grace Brethren church in Goshen, Ind. (Jim Brown, pastor), has transitioned to a staff position at
 Grace Community Church, Fulton, Md.

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