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Joyce Fitz has served the Grace Brethren Church in Waynesboro, Pa. for more than 40 years.

40 Years of Service 

It would be an understatement to say that Joyce Fitz is loyal.

She has served as secretary for the
Grace Brethren Church in Waynesboro, Pa. (Tim Clothier, senior pastor), for more than 40 years and she has been attending the church for 67 years.

“Grace Brethren Church has been my home church since I was a baby. The church has always preached the word of God, is a light to our community, and stays faithful to Him,” says Fitz.

Fitz’s desire to help others is one of the reason she continues working at the church.

“The most rewarding part of my job is to be available to help my church family and others who come to my office door” she says. “The skills I use most at the church are friendliness and helpfulness along with regular secretarial skills. When someone comes into the office, I am the first person they meet. I want to project the love of Christ to them and show the concern of the church for their needs.”

Fitz has seen a lot of changes since she first started working as the church. She has gone from using manual and electric typewriters to learning to use a computer and the latest software programs. “The church has gone through many changes from physical building programs to ups and downs in attendance but the Lord has always blessed us through adversity and made us stronger for it,” she adds.

“Joyce has worked at our church longer than I have been alive!,” admits Pastor Clothier. “Her years of service and experience have given her an incredibly important role at our church. We would be lost without her... Joyce consistently proves herself invaluable to our ministry and is a great aid to me personally… She is also a wise office manager who has been able to find and purchase office supplies and materials at almost no cost… I believe great fruitfulness is the result of faithfulness multiplied by time. Our church has been reaping these benefits for decades because of Joyce.” 

According to Fitz, the attendance at Grace Brethren Church in Waynesboro is growing. After 67 years, she admittedly is very close with the members of the congregation. She also makes an effort to get to know new attendees. She says she has seen many lives change as a result of people growing in Christ and she hopes to see many more as the church continues to grow.

As of now, Fitz says she has no plans to stop working in the church. She also teaches two- and three-year-old Children’s Church on Sunday mornings and has been a part of many ministries in the local congregation and in the Mid-Atlantic District of Grace Brethren Churches throughout the years.

“I feel the Lord has given me this position and as long as He wants me here, I will work for Him,” she says. – by Alisha Gomez

Editor’s Note: Alisha Gomez is an intern with GraceConnect. She is a senior journalism major at Grace College from Columbia City, Ind.

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This week we are sharing three photo albums of various Grace Brethren ministries across the globe. Each ministry is engaged in sharing the love of Jesus in different ways. Take a minute to browse these albums -- from Washington, D.C., Korea, and Cameroon -- and pray briefly for each of these mission initiatives. 

>> Grace Community Church, Frederick, Md., visited
About My Father’s Business in Washington, D.C., last month and helped distribute Life’s Most Important Question tracts (published through BMH Books.) View photos of the event here

>> In partnership with Korean church congregations, a group of thirteen children from Asia's Hope in Thailand are currently finishing up a two-week trip throughout Korea,where they have been staging choir performances for churches and congregations throughout the country. Click here to view the pictures.

>> This past Saturday, a new Grace Brethren Bible Institute held its opening ceremony in Cameroon. Jason Carmean, Encompass missionary to Cameroon, posted pictures on Facebook here

James Burke, pastor of Menominee Grace Brethren Church (the only Grace Brethren church in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) blogs over at Check out his blog here
[Layman's Corner:]
Ivanildo Trinidade, lead pastor at Grace Brethren Church of Lititz, Pa., has some good words about God's promises on his blog, based on Collosians 1:5-6: 

"… the faith and love that spring from the hope stored up for you in heaven and about which you have already heard in the true message of the gospel that has come to you.” 

Click here to read the full post.

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June 15-July 27 – Operation Barnabas, Winona Lake, Ind. (CEN)
June 21-27, 2015  Great Canadian Adventure, Toronto, Ontario (GBC)
June 21-27, 2015 – Encounter Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga. (EWP)
June 23-July 7 City Life Tours East Coast & West Coast (CEN)
July 14-19, 2015 – Momentum Youth Conference, Marion, Ind. (CEN) 
July 23-26, 2015 – Flinch Conference (national conference), Newark, N.J. (FGBC) 

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EWP – Encompass World Partners
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