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This week marks the beginning of several "family reunions" within the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, so this issue of the eNews focuses on those events. First up is the Brethren World Assembly at Brookville, Ohio, July 11-13. This is only held every five years and involves the groups that trace their spiritual heritage to the German Anabaptist/Radical Pietist religious leader Alexander Mack in the early 1700s. The Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches is one of six major groups who trace their spiritual heritage to Mack.

Also on the schedule this month is Momentum Youth Conference and Vision2020 South. Check out the calendar for more information. For more news in the FGBC, see

Also in this issue:
  • The Grace Brethren girls' ministry, SMM, celebrates it's 100th birthday this summer. Learn more about SMM how it builds on the original values of service and worship in a way that connects to the depths of girls’ hearts. 
  • Momentum Youth Conference has become known as a week that combines practical experience with high quality teaching. Learn more about this annual gathering of young people, which is held July 16-21 in Marion, Ind.
  • Catch up on happenings among Grace Brethren churches with this week's Events listing.
  • Take advantage of this week's featured book -- Restoring the Household: The Quest of the Grace Brethren Church by Todd Scoles -- now available at 50% off only to subscribers to the GraceConnect eNews (through July 16, 2013).

Dr. Roger PeughPeugh To Speak at Brethren World Assembly

Dr. Roger Peugh (pictured at right), faculty member at Grace College and Theological Seminary, Winona Lake, Ind., will speak during the opening session of the Fifth Brethren World Assembly, which will be held next month in the Dayton, Ohio, area.

Dr. Peugh, who is the co-author of the BMH book, Transformed in His Presence, will speak on prayer at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, July 11, at the Brookville, Ohio, Grace Brethren Church (Rich Hartley, pastor). The conference continues through Sunday, July 14 with sessions at the Brethren Heritage Center, 428 Wolf Street, Brookville, and at Salem Church of the Brethren in Englewood, Ohio.

Although the public is welcome to attend all events, the meetings will gather members and friends of the Brethren groups descended from the German Anabaptist/Radical Pietist religious leader Alexander Mack in the early 1700s. The Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches is one of six major groups who trace their spiritual heritage to Alexander Mack.

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SMMSMM Marks 100th Birthday

When the vivacious young pastor’s wife invited a group of girls to her home in Philadelphia for a Bible study in 1913, she couldn’t have foreseen the mentoring ministry that SMM has become today. Yet the simple invitation to supper has resulted in a century of girls and women actively serving the Lord.

Mary Bauman, whose husband, Louis, was pastor of the First Brethren Church in Philadelphia, Pa., used the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42 as the foundation for this a new group, which she called Sisterhood of Mary and Martha. She noted that “we all have some of Mary and some of Martha in us. We can worship God, like Mary did. But we can serve God, too, like Martha served Jesus. We can help each other learn to balance those two important parts of our lives,” according to Heroes Who Live On, Vol. 2 (BMH Books).

Now known as SMM, the organization builds on the original values of service and worship in a way that connects to the depths of girls’ hearts. It will celebrate its 100th anniversary this summer with special events at Momentum Youth Conference and Vision2020 South, the national conference of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches.

“Daughters of the King: Ambassadors for Life” will be held on July 18 at Momentum (which will be held in Marion, Ind.) to celebrate 100 years of SMM ministry and set a vision for the future. Any woman with ties to SMM is invited to participate. Please go to!daughters-of-the-king for registration details. There will also be a special celebration at Vision2020.

For more on the history of SMM, see Mentoring with a Mission from the Summer 2013 issue of GraceConnect magazine.

Momentum Moves Lives

Mike Saldivar remembers the student who struggled with spiritual questions and personal issues while being part of the youth group he led.

She joined her friends for Momentum, the annual youth conference that is sponsored by CE National. “All week she said, ‘I’m not ready, not ready,’” Saldivar remembers her resistance to giving her life to the Lord. Then the last night of the conference, something changed. She made a confession of faith in Jesus Christ.

“God moved in her life,” recalls Saldivar, who recently assumed the role of pastor at the Grace Brethren Church in Pataskala, Ohio, after serving more than a decade as a youth pastor in northern California. “Her life didn’t automatically go easy, but we’re encouraged that she’s making steps.”

Tim Park, youth pastor at the Grace Brethren Church in Ripon, Calif. (Glen Shirk, pastor) points to several students who made life changing commitments at Momentum. In one case, it was a dramatic change, in another, more subtle. But each started on the path to full-time ministry because of the Momentum experience.

Those are just several of many lives that have been changed at the Momentum conference, which will kick off the 2013 edition next week on the campus of Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Ind. It begins Tuesday, July 16 with dinner, followed by the evening session. Keith Minier, pastor of Grace Fellowship, a Grace Brethren church in Pickerington, Ohio, and Jeff Myers, president of Summit Ministries, will be the opening speakers. Jeremy Byng, worship and NextGen pastor at Grace Community Church, a Grace Brethren church in Goshen, Ind. (Jim Brown, pastor) will lead worship on Tuesday evening.

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Restoring the Household
This week's featured book

Restoring the Household: The Quest of the Grace Brethren Church
By Todd Scoles

279 pages, Paperback

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In the first weeks of August 1708, eight religious dissidents gathered on the banks of the Eder River near Schwarzenau, the "Black Meadow," in the county of Wittgenstein, Germany, to be baptized. The group read from Luke 14:25-33 about counting the cost before committing to follow Jesus, because they knew their simple act of faith would likely bring persecution from the authorities of the Reformed Church. Several members of the group, including their leader, Alexander Mack, had been baptized as infants into the official church of the region, but they had come to believe they had never joined the true church "since they had not received the baptism that they believed was the only Christian baptism."

What was the political and theological setting that led to these baptisms in 1708? How did that impact the Brethren movement? The author skillfully reiterates the importance and the scriptural group for the distinctively Brethren ordinances, and he reveals fascinating new details about the conflicts and environment that led to the separation of the Grace Brethren from the Brethren Church in the late 1930s.

Events in the FGBC

July 9-10  â€“  Operation Barnabas: Team 123 at Grace Church, Medina East, Medina, Ohio
July 10-11  â€“  Operation Barnabas: Team 314 at Grace Fellowship Church, Pickerington, Ohio
July 11-14 – Brethren World Assembly, Brookville, Ohio (Dayton area)
July 12-14  â€“  Operation Barnabas: Team 123 at Grace Brethren Church, Delaware, Ohio, and Brighton Chapel, Howe, Ind. (July 14 only); Team 314 at Grace Brethren Church, Pataskala, Ohio, and Wawasee Community Bible Church, Milford, Ind. (July 14 only)
July 21  â€“  Operation Barnabas: Team 123 at Grace Brethren Church, Brookville, Ohio; Team 314 at Community Grace Brethren Church, West Milton, Ohio
July 22-26 – Encompass World Partners Family Reunion, Norcross, Ga.
July 23-24  â€“  Operation Barnabas: Team 123 at Movement Church, Hilliard, Ohio; Team 314 at Encounter Church, Dublin, Ohio
July 16-21 – Momentum Youth Conference, Marion, Ind.
July 26-31 – Vision2020South (national conference), Atlanta, Ga.

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