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Singing Scripture 

Twenty years ago last month, Randy Moomaw began writing songs for vacation Bible school (VBS) at Grace Church, a Grace Brethren church in Wooster, Ohio (Bob Fetterhoff, senior pastor). Moomaw had already worked with the church’s VBS for about five years before he began creating the music. “We did the packaged stuff,” he recalled, “and after a while, I kind of wondered about the lyrics, the songs. They were kind of lame and didn’t have a lot of spiritual content in them.” It wasn’t until 1995, while he lead music at a junior high camp, that Moomaw finally tried writing music.

“I remember there was an old beat up piano in the corner,” he said. “Suddenly, the thought of Jesus being my best friend popped into my head. And so [my] first song ended up being about that.”

During his first years as a VBS songwriter, Moomaw worked as a farmer. He recalled being out on his tractor, and he would “get a little bit of a nugget of verse in my head and start playing with it. I must’ve looked pretty goofy out in the tractor trying to do hand motions. Then I’d come home and plug into my keyboard and add drums and different sounds.”

Moomaw found that “the best place for me to write is out in nature, so I hike back to our woods.” He begins writing his music with the verse before working up to a chorus. “[I try] to keep the Scripture as the main part of the song while also giving it the hook that will make the kids want to sing it and have fun with it,” he said. “We have 500 plus kids at our Bible school. [I try] to write songs that produce a lot of energy, so there’s a lot of yelling back and forth between the girls and the boys.”

Now, Moomaw works full-time as Grace Church’s music director. He still writes the VBS songs, and he fully intends on continuing “as long as God keeps providing the inspiration and kids want to sing them.”

His favorite part of the process? Thursday mornings at VBS. “By then,” he said, “the kids know [the songs] well. Looking out across the crowd, I see they’re having fun, and they’re singing Scripture. It’s hard to describe, and it’s hard to put into words, but I just get goosebumps seeing it happen.” -- by Marisa Vogel

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Momentum Youth Conference just wrapped up last week! Check out pictures from the event on Momentum's Facebook page

Relive the fun at FellowShift, the 2014 national conference of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. The FGBC Vimeo page is being updated with videos of speakers and activities at the conference. Click here to watch.

Women’s Spectrum is an annual magazine for Grace Brethren women that is published by Women of Grace USA. Written by Grace Brethren women, the stories in the issue are told with honesty, transparency, and great courage about battles fought and won through the grace of God and the power of his Spirit. Check out their website or order a personal copy!

Heroes Who Live One (Volumes 1, 2, and 3)
This week's featured book

Heroes Who Live On (Volumes 1, 2, and 3)
By Robert Cover, Viki Rife, and others

This three volume set is designed for young people, but older readers will enjoy them, too. Each book includes the biographies of well-known and influential Grace Brethren leaders -- men and women who loved and served the Lord.Volume 1 provides glimpses into the lives of 13 spiritual pioneers: Alexander Mack, Florence N. Gribble, James S. Gribble, Estella C. Myers, R. I. Humberd, Russell D. Barnard, Leo Polman, Harold H. and Ada M. Etling, Herman A. Hoyt, Clyde K. Landrum, Homer A. Kent Sr., and Alva J. McClain. 

Volume 2those featured include: Henry Holsinger, L.S. Bauman, Mary Bauman, R. Paul Miller, W.A. and Frances Ogden, Allen Bennett, Orville Jobson, Charles W. Mayes, Jake Kliever, Noel Gaiwaka, Ralph Coburn, and Evelyn Fuqua.

Featured in
 Volume 3 are Christopher Sauer (Sower), Sr., Amy B. Greenlun, Elizabeth Stauffer Tyson, Floyd Taber, Herman Koontz, Bernard Schneider, James Boyer, Keith Altig, Angie Garber, Marguerite Dunning, Walter Fretz, and Raimundo Cardoso. 

These “heroes” form a beautiful and complex mosaic that stretches across three centuries. These stories are meant to challenge and inspire, and are useful in a variety of settings, including small group use, Sunday School, and ABF lessons, for personal devotional use, and as “Mission Moments” in public worship services.

Sold individually, the cost of these books is $26.97. Purchase the complete set today for just $13! 
Click here to order now. (Price good through August 5, 2014.)

Events in the FGBC

July 29-August 11 – National Timothy Adventure (GBB)
September 15-17 – Northwest Focus Retreat, Camp Clear Lake, Wash. (FGBC)
October 6-8 – Central Focus Retreat, location to be announced (FGBC)
October 17-19  Leadership Summit (WGUSA)
October 20-22  – East Focus Retreat, location to be announced (FGBC)
November 11-24 – Cambodia GO Team (WGUSA)
January 26-28, 2015  –  Southwest Focus Retreat, location to be announced (FGBC)
March 16-18, 2015 – South Focus Retreat, location to be announced (FGBC)

FGBC – Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches
GBB – Grace Brethren Boys
WGUSA – Women of Grace USA

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