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Celebrating the Next Phase for Movement Church 

Today's post comes to us from Mark Artrip, pastor of Movement Church in Hilliard, Ohio. You can read more on his personal blog,

Three years ago in 2012, my family moved to Hilliard to plant Movement church. Our launch team started with 16 adults and 5 kids. Some were already situated on the west side and others sold their homes or moved to new apartments to that we could make our homes and have an impact around Hilliard.

Our vision was the same in those early days to be “A movement of people finding their way back to God”, but it started small. I remember many steps along the way and the excitement that came when the first person gave their life to Jesus, the first person was baptized, and the launch of our first worship experience.

Movement Church was planted with a 3-year startup plan so we have had many churches and individuals who have supported us through prayer, finances, and volunteer hours to get started and be self-sufficient.
We have seen God add to our numbers, our influence and our body as a church. We have gone from a small group with a big vision to developed group able to stand on our own. It’s time for us to leave the official title of “church plant” behind. We want to always have the heart and feel of a church plant and be involved in the multiplication of churches, but we are shifting gears.

On July 1st, 2015 Movement Church became a self-supporting church. This means that our budget is now entirely dependent on the giving and investment of the people who make up our body. Our direction, the care of our staff, and our future ministry will all be written by those who believe in and are involved in seeing our vision happen.
Movement Church isn’t perfect and we are still a very young group of people. We will grow in size, maturity, and our ability to lead and navigate where our vision takes us, but I am excited for this next phase. No matter our size or the look and feel of our church, we can never lose sight of our need to follow God as he builds us into the church He wants.

This fall we are kicking off the school year with a series called ownership. This will be a vision series, but will take us deeper than we have gone. As part of this series we will begin the process to name elders from our group. We will be doing this under the guidance of the elders at Encounter church our sending church. This will be one final step, as we become a self-sufficient, self-leading church.

This step is just a chance to pause and thank God for the way he has provided for us and kept his promises as we stepped out on faith. Our vision doesn’t stop or have en expiration date, so we will continue to work hard to be intentional and contagious to help people find their way back to God.

The best is yet to come and I am excited to see God do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.

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markartrip@movementcolumbus.comWatch the story of Movement Church below.
Our Movement Story

[Your Turn]

Dr. Matthew Harmon, professor of New Testament Studies at Grace College and Theological Seminary, recently preached a sermon addressing Philippians 2:19-24, and explores what the life of Timothy can teach us about Jesus. Click here to read the full blog post and listen to the sermon audio. 


Pastor Ivanildo C. Trindade, lead pastor of Grace Church in Lititz, Pa., recently published a series of articles on his blog entitled, "The Trouble with 'Church.'" In them, he encourages believers to be "self-feeders," not becoming dependant on a pastor for thier spiritural growth. 

"Christians claim to be indwelt by the Holy Spirit," he writes in Part 1, "Yet on a daily basis there seems to be no direct line of communication between them and the Spirit. And when the Spirit is MIA, the Church is AWOL.

Growing used to not hearing from God on a regular basis has made us dependent on the voices of others... [Christians] don’t know how to be self-feeders of the Word and are always looking for permission from someone else to tell them what to do.

I look at Paul’s letter to the Colossians and I see a completely different picture. At the moment, the Colossians were without a pastor...Yet, the church was continuing to meet in several homes...There was no central authority present, yet Paul is instructing them to “admonish one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.” He is telling them to live their Christian life in communities... In essence, he is saying that they need to be in charge of their own spiritual growth. That is how the early church flourished. There was a high expectation that in the shared experience of community, God would speak."

Click the links below to read the series.

Part 1: "There is trouble brewing on the 'Church' front; the people and the gathering that is. But perhaps the foundational one is this: people have lost the sense of hearing directly from God." 

Part 2: "Every flaw within the Church corresponds to a fabulous yet unrealized blessing. In other words, every failure in the Body of Christ robs it of the success that God had intended for it."

Part 3: "What is better, win the “cultural war” or win a soul?"

Part 4: "When Jesus wanted to teach about the different degrees of acceptance to the gospel message, he didn’t start with a complex survey about human resistance to new things, he opened his lesson with these words, “A farmer went out to the field to sow.” Who at that time could not relate to the opening lines of a story like that? "

[Leader's Corner:]

Part 5 of Pastor Trindade's "The Trouble with Church" series is addressed specifically to pastors and church leaders. Recognizing today's expectation that pastors prepare an information-packed sermon while still being brief enough to hold congregants' attention, Pastor Trindade gives five specific encouragements to those with the burden and responsibility of shepharding a flock wisely and biblically. 

"Jesus didn’t teach merely for education; He taught for life transformation," he writes. "Why should we be any different?"

Click here to read the rest of the post. 

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