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Beth Giles' shop, Salvage Life, was started as an outlet for her passion for taking something old and worn out and making it into something useful and beautiful.

Salvage Life

Ever since she was a little girl, Beth Giles has had a passion for taking something old and worn out and turning it into something useful and beautiful. This childhood talent grew…into a full-fledged business.

Salvage Life is a vintage clothing and jewelry store that Beth launched in 2006 as an online shop. Her business grew rapidly. In 2010, celebrity singer Taylor Swift wore a Salvage Life dress during her “Fearless” tour, and pictures started popping up of Taylor Swift and other celebrities wearing Redesigned vintage jewelry sold in Beth’s shop. Giles opened her shop as a physical location in Long Beach in 2013.

Beth attends
Grace Long Beach, a Brethren Church in Long Beach, California (Lou Huesmann, senior pastor) with her husband and two daughters. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University Long Beach, double-majoring in clothing & textiles and fashion merchandising. After completing a senior project that used her gifts to raise money for Ugandan orphans, Beth worked jobs in sales and marketing at a contemporary clothing showroom in Los Angeles, and designed window displays for a Long Beach boutique.

She started to brainstorm ways to meld her passion for fashion, vintage and reworked clothing and jewelry, and sustainable business practices. This sparked her idea for Salvage Life.

“Salvage Life was born out of a love for all things vintage met with a disgust for the disposable society we live in and an eye for seeing the potential in things,” explains Giles in her shop bio.

“Our desire is to discourage wastefulness and promote sustainable buying practices without missing out on the beautiful things our world has to offer. We believe that given a little faith and creativity, everything has the opportunity for a new life.”

 A unique melding of Beth’s passions – sustainable business and vintage fashion – Salvage Life allowed her to “engage in the market economy with a creative vision,” as Christianity Today noted in their 2012 story about Salvage Life.

"Salvage Life has two meanings,” explains Beth. “The first is that I 'Live the Salvage Life' by attempting to use as many old things as possible to fulfill new purposes. Secondly, I 'Salvage the Life' left in an item and allow it to live again. The key to living the Salvage Life is to not see something for what it is, but what it could be."

Today, Salvage Life is still going strong with the online shop and Long Beach location. It features (charming items new and old.) Check out Beth’s online shop at

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CPR-3's Stephanie Taylor tells the story of a woman named Esther, a pastor's wife in Haiti, who reminds us that God uses us for His work. Click here to read the story. 

Encompass missionaries Matt and Jen Daniels are currently raising support to become church planters in Japan. Click here to read their latest blog post, with updates and prayer requests. They write: 

"There is so much excitement for us in making it to Ohio. This is a major answer to prayer and we’ve reached a great milestone with having crossed the 50 percent mark on our recurring support. We trust that the Lord has great plans to use this region to reach the Japanese. And so we praise Jesus for going before us and preparing the way!"


Each celebration at Flinch Conference opened with a video that introduced someone in the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches who had taken a risk. The below video introduces The Risk of Rescuing Youth from the Sex Trade. 
Grace Refugee Outreach Worldwide - G.R.O.W.
[Layman's Corner:]

In the article How the Bible Spells out Ethics, host Jayson Georges discusses a biblical view of ethics, which vastly differs from both the honor-shame culture of the time and from today's Western view of ethics.

"Christians should not abandon the pursuit of honor," Georges writes. "They should passionately pursue honor, just the right kind of honor. The goal of discipleship is not to pivot people from shame-based morality to a guilt-based morality. Rather, the goal is to transform people’s notions of honor and shame so they align with God’s." hosts practical tools and trainings for Christians ministering in honor-shame contexts. Though most of the world thinks and lives by the values of honor and shame, they remain significant blind spots in Western culture, theology, and missiology. You can subscribe to their weekly blog and learn more about training services for your ministry or organization by clicking here.

Events in the FGBC

August 28-29, 2015  WLS: Biblical Foundations of Leadership, Winona Lake, Ind. (WGUSA)
September 21-23, 2015 – Northwest Focus Retreat (FGBC) 
September 25-26, 2015  Revive '15 Fellowship Forum, Indianapolis, Ind.  (WGUSA)
October 5-7, 2015 – Central Focus Retreat (FGBC)
October 19-21, 2015  East Focus Retreat (FGBC)
October 30-31, 2015  WLS: Principles of Effective Bible Study, Columbus, Ohio  (WGUSA)
November 2-6, 2015 – Charis International Leadership Encounter, Bangkok, Thailand (EWP)
November 13-14, 2015  WLS: Women & Scripture, Elizabethtown, Pa.  (WGUSA)
January 15-16, 2016 – WLS: Women & Scripture, Ocala, Fla.  (WGUSA)
January 22-24, 2016  Kalahari Retreat, Sandusky, Ohio (FGBC)
January 25-27, 2016  Southwest Focus Retreat (FGBC)
January 27-19, 2016  Fellowship Council (FGBC)
March 14-16, 2016  South Focus Retreat (FGBC) 
June 19-25, 2016  The Great Canadian Adventure, Toronto, Canada (GBC)
July 22-25, 2016  Vision Toronto (FGBC) 
July 26-31, 2016  Momentum Youth Conference (CEN)

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