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When one visits another culture, it's often important to know the language in order to have the best visit. One church-planting couple has learned that knowing the language is important, even in a tourist-rich region of North America. But at the same time, not knowing the language was just as useful in opening doors for the gospel for a ministry team in Argentina.

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One-on-One Church Planting

Phil and Sandy Johnson moved to Orlando, Fla., to begin an evangelistic ministry.
“After three years of being here, we realized we needed to pivot and become a church plant,” says Phil, who worked in ministry at Grace Brethren churches in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, before heading to the Sunshine State.

It’s not just any church plant. It’s one focused on the thousands of employees who serve the public at the many theme parks, resorts, restaurants, and other tourist attractions in the Orlando area.
Johnson says there are an estimated 67,000 employees in the Disney World system, the one with which he’s most familiar since Sandy and three of their five daughters have found employment there. That doesn’t include the more than 12,000 individuals who work at Universal Studios, the estimated 36,000 employees at Sea World Orlando, or the thousands of workers who wait tables, clean rooms, or attend to cash registers in the many restaurants, hotels and motels, and businesses that cater to the tourist industry in the region.
 â€œThey’re not available on Sunday mornings for [traditional] church,” Phil stresses. “We needed to create an opportunity for them to have the church experience apart from [that] time frame.”
He’s also noticed that people come to the central Florida city with high expectations of living in the shadow of some of the world’s best-known resorts. “They move here and they don’t have any support system, so there’s no relationships.”
The Johnsons have begun Reedy Creek Community Church, a non-traditional place for people to connect with one another and with God. (Reedy Creek runs through one of the most popular attractions.)

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No Habla Español

Sometimes it pays to go on a mission trip and NOT know the language. The Women of Grace GO team to Argentina saw an example of this a few weeks ago.

One of the ministries of the missionary team in Corrientes, Argentina, is an English forum, allowing people to practice their language skills. But how do you identify the people who might be interested and have a skill level that will make it possible to participate in the forum?

The GO team, consisting of Laurie Carrick, Amanda Swain, Kelly Wilcoxson, Viki Rife, and Cindy McDonald (see photo), was hoping to identify some additional participants for the forum planned for Saturday evening. On Monday morning, the team had the opportunity to participate in a scavenger hunt with the Kevin and Holly High’s children: Levi, Hannah, and Amelia.

Hannah and Amelia took Viki Rife and Amanda Swain, both of whom speak Spanish, to form a team. At the last minute Kelly Wilcoxson—not a Spanish speaker—also joined that team. They sat down to plan their strategy. One of the questions involved finding the date on a map in the area museum. They headed for the museum and started to look for the right map.

Kelly, not knowing the language, was wandering around looking at the museum pieces. The curator came up and asked her something. She told him, “No español.” He went to the back of the museum and came back with a young man who told her:  â€œYou speak English? I will translate.” 

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John: Light in the Darkness
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