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Merry Christmas from GraceConnect!

Gratitude Goes Both Ways

Pastor Brian McCall of the Grace Brethren Church in Martinsburg, Pa. was helping one of his fellow pastors move into a house next to the Cove Shoe factory, the largest employer in their small town, employing about 350 people.

“As I was helping unload the moving truck, God placed it upon my heart that our church needed to reach out to the people there,” he recalls.

So he collaborated with his fellow pastors and together they came up with an idea: why not serve an appreciation lunch to the workers at the Cove Shoe Company and use it as an opportunity to spread the love of Jesus?

So they picked a day, rented a tent, bought supplies, assembled two dozen church volunteers, and asked the congregation to bake nearly 1,000 cookies for the event.

On July 16, Martinsburg volunteers set up in a vacant lot adjacent to the factory in the morning and prepared to serve three 30-minute lunch shifts. During these shifts, each person received a hot dog, bag of chips, a homemade cookie and a drink. Since many of the employees of the shoe factory get paid by the piece as they manufacture shoes, this allowed workers to return directly to work if they preferred, but also gave them the option of using their 30-minute break to sit in the tent, leave prayer requests at the tables, or pray with and talk to Martinsburg volunteers.

“We made free copies of the Word of God available and ran out,” McCall remembers. “We had to go back to the church to get more!”

After serving nearly 300 people, the volunteers received a tour of the factory.

“Our people developed a great appreciation for their hard work,” saysMcCall. The event was deemed so successful that the church decided put on two more appreciation dinners for the staff at two local nursing homes.

“Many of those in the senior care facilities have cared for our loved ones,” notes McCall.

“During all three, our main words to people coming in was, ‘Thank you for the work that you provide in our community.’ We simply want to express the love of Jesus Christ and bring his church to them.”


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"The holidays can be overwhelming, not just because there’s so much more to get done on top of our already busy schedules, but also because they are so emotionally charged. Our expectations for the season and for others increase, and so do our budgets. It’s completely understandable that we all might get a little crazy around Christmas time, right?"

Nate Rayl, pastor of Biblical community at 
Grace Church, Bath Campus, a Grace Brethren congregation in Akron, Ohio (Jeff Bogue, senior pastor), writes 'Five Ways to Avoid Christmas Burnout' on the Grace Bath blog. Click here to read the full post. 


Pastor Ivanildo Trindade of Grace Church, a Grace Brethren church in Lititz, Pa., shares a timely reminder amongst the hustle and bustle around Christmas about the weight of Jesus' journey to earth:

"Of all the travel surrounding the birth of the baby Jesus — Mary’s trip to visit her pregnant relative, Elizabeth, Joseph and Mary’s trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem, the wise men who came from the East... the angels who engaged in some amazing intergalactic travel, even the flight to Egypt — all of these pale in comparison to the journey the Creator of the universe took, from the bosom of the Father and the soothing presence of the Holy Spirit to a place replete with suffering, strife, selfishness and sin."

Click here to read the full post. 


Check out this Nativity Story rendition by the 
Grace Brethren Church, Leesburg, Ind. (Tim Sprankle, pastor), complete with artwork by Leesburg Grace kids. Click the picture below to watch the brief video narration.

The Nativity Story as drawn by the kids of Leesburg Grace Brethren Church.

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