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Becoming Good Soil

"It was funny, because, through all of that my heart through the heart wasn't crying out that God would heal me of that God would change the circumstances within the very deepest part of my soul was crying out that God would be there and that he would be real and that he would prove that he loved me."

Today's video story is an interview with Meghan Strine, who grew up at Ashland Grace. She is a staff member at Grace serving senior pastor Dan Allan and youth ministries.

"It just comes down to the fact that when we are sick, when are helpless, when we are weary, when we are tired, when are desperate, there is a good, good Father who will meet us in that.

...I can tell you from the depths of my soul that is not too much for God, and...he is faithful."

Since this video was produced, Strine's cancer has returned. She writes in a recent Facebook post, "Please don't miss the miracle God has worked in my heart and how he has turned this awful illness into a pure and simple peace and rest. soul has found rest in the saving power of Jesus Christ in my life."

Click the picture below to watch the video. Click here to send a letter of encouragement to Meghan and find out how you can pray. 
Meghan Strine Testimony

[Your Turn]


Mike Silliman, care and connections pastor at Grace Community Church in Goshen, Ind. (Jim Brown, lead pastor), blogs at In a recent blog post, he writes,

"There are certain places we sometimes find ourselves where we seem to get a glimpse of heaven, or at least what we think heaven will be like. These places distract us from the temporal, and give us a picture of the eternal. The Celtic Christians referred to this place of heavenly distraction as a thin place – A place where the veil between heaven and earth seems especially thin, where we can almost touch heaven."

Click here to read the rest of the post.

[Watch & Pray]

"Prayer is a vital part of life when we follow Jesus. Yet many of us still struggle in our prayer life. How do we know if we are doing it right? How do we know if God is really listening? In this 5-part series of talks we will explore together the fundamentals of cultivating a healthy and effective prayer life."

Bart Blair, pastor at Grasslands Church in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, recently led a sermon series on prayer at the church. Click the picture below to listen to the latest installment, "Praying with Persistence," and find other sermons in the series.
Prayer: Praying With Persistence


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