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Ministering to Body and Soul

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind…love your neighbor as yourself.”
These verses from Matthew 22 are printed on the t-shirts of volunteers at Grace Clinic in central Ohio. But they don’t just wear the words; they live them.
Grace Clinics of Ohio, Inc., operates two, faith-based free medical clinics in central Ohio that are open to walk-in patients. Formerly called Grace Clinic of Delaware, it opened its first location in December 2006 and a Columbus location, Hardin Clinic, in May 2011.
Sponsored by Grace Church, a Grace Brethren church in Powell, Ohio (Rick Nuzum, pastor), Grace Clinic strives to “use medicine as a vehicle to share our love for Jesus Christ.” Most volunteers are trained to share their “faith stories” and develop boldness in sharing the gospel.
“Patients get to observe Christians at work,” explains Colleen Pavarini, board chair at Grace Clinic. “We don’t bludgeon them over the head with tracts and the gospel but we offer the opportunity to pray and get connected with a local church. It’s very obvious that we are faith-based.”
Their testimony doesn't just extend to the patients.
“Many of the volunteers come from various Bible-based churches in the area. However, if a volunteer has not made a salvation decision, working alongside those who have provides a unique opportunity to see Christ in action.” 
“We think that some of our volunteers may come to a saving knowledge of the Lord just through their service at the clinic,” said Pavarini.
Grace Clinic of Delaware hosts a clinic on Wednesday evenings in downtown Delaware and Hardin Clinic is open on Saturday mornings in the Linden area of Columbus. Its reach is quickly growing. Since September, Grace Clinic has gained a new executive director, Erica Wood, established an oversight council and two operations councils, and received medical malpractice coverage through a federal government program that helps free and charitable clinics. They are growing in other ways as well: due to their success, five other independent clinics have been started after receiving assistance from Grace Clinic on policies, procedures, and organizational structure.
“You get to the point that you want to serve with excellence,” noted Pavarini. “We’ve seen God’s hand in everything.”
Their goals for the future?
“Expand the types of services we provide,” said Pavarini. “Work more closely with local churches to connect patients so that they can be discipled and encouraged.  Provide quality medical care. Change lives. Give hope. Demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ.”
To learn more about how to pray for or contribute to Grace Clinics of Ohio, Inc., visit or their Facebook page. To donate to Grace Clinic, click here, or email to send a note of encouragement or let them know that you are praying for their ministry!

From Around the Web...

Here are a few links from Grace Brethren churches that you might find of interest…

Anne Brown, wife of Grace Community Church pastor Jim Brown (Goshen, Ind.), has been selected as one of 25 women to watch in Michiana in the coming year. She has the opportunity to be featured on the cover of the December issue of Sassy Magazine if she receives the most votes. You can vote by clicking "like" on her picture on Facebook before 5 p.m. on November 14.

Robert MacMillan, pastor of the Grace Brethren Church in Tracy, Calif., blogs at Shoe Leather Faith: Theology for a Practical Pilgrimage. One of his latest posts addresses Islam and signs of the end times. Click here to read the post. Questions or comments? Email Robert MacMillan.

Earlier this fall, Grace College faculty members Dr. Mark Norris and Dr. Jared Burkholder participated in the Biennial Conference on Faith and History at Pepperdine University in Malibu, Calif. Dr. Norris was part of a panel that discussed the role that historians can play in coming alongside institutions during seasons of change. He’s knowledgeable about that role since the book he co-authored with Dr. Burkholder, Becoming Grace, in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Grace College and Theological Seminary, is set to be released by BMH Books in the next few months. Click here to read the recap article, Six C’s of Writing Institutional History. Want to learn more about the upcoming book? Email Dr. Mark Norris or Dr. Jared Burkholder.
Old Testament Classics
This week's featured books

Old Testament Classics
Three books by John P. Burke, Tom Julien, and Bernard N. Schneider

This three-book set includes BMH Books Classics Studies in Genesis, Spiritual Greatness: Studies in Exodus, and Deuteronomy: A Favored Book of Jesus. Providing a solid foundation to the study of the Old Testament, these books by trusted authors help the reader gain a greater understanding of God and how to know Him through the crises and desert experiences of our lives, discovering him in our destiny, and allowing Him to be the Lord of our lives.

Regular combined price for all three is $19.97. Now all three are available ONLY for subscribers of GraceConnect eNews at 50% off! Simply use the code "OTBMH" when you purchase the books. 
Click here to buy this three-volume set.

Studies in Genesis by John P. Burke

Until a grasp of Genesis is attained, there is no way to understanding what the rest of the Bible is about. This book, Studies in Genesis, is helpful in understanding the first book of the Bible. Designed as a survey of the book, it lays a foundation for study of the rest of the Bible. It also places the book in context of current events and projects the reader from Genesis through the rest of the Bible right up to eternity.

Spiritual Greatness: Studies in Exodus by Tom Julien

These studies from the Book of Exodus are concerned with the man, Moses, and will help the reader discover some of the reasons for Moses's spiritual greatness. By the end of these studies, the reader will not only know Moses better, but through him, will know God better and, accordingly, know oneself better. Throughout this book, God's concern is that men might know that He is the Lord. When one really knows that He is the Lord of life's events, one begins to know something of the spiritual greatness found in the life of Moses.

Deuteronomy: A Favored Book of Jesus by Bernard N. Schneider

Deuteronomy is no mere repetition of the law of God that was given in the earlier books of the Bible. It is a book of new things. It is the message of Moses to a new generation; for with the exception of Caleb and Joshua, the old generation had perished in the wilderness. It is a message to people who were anticipating new possessions, for they were about to cross Jordan and possess Canaan. Thus it is a message that anticipates new experiences of conquest and victory. As Dr. Schneider presents a panoramic view of the dealings of God with His people, we are made to realize once more the emphasis in the Book of Deuteronomy on the love of God for His people -- a love that is strong, steadfast, and sure.

Regularly priced at $19.97, now available ONLY for subscribers of GraceConnect eNews at 50% off! Simply use the code "OTBMH" when you purchase the books. Click here to buy this three-volume set. Offer is only good through midnight Tuesday, November 18, 2014.

Events in the FGBC

November 11-24 – Cambodia GO Team (WGUSA)
January 16-17 WLS Class: Soul Care, Winona Lake, Ind. (WGUSA)
January 23-24
– WLS Class: Spiritual Formation, Long Beach, Calif. (WGUSA)
January 23-25  Kalahari Winter Retreat, Sandusky, Ohio
January 26-28 –  Southwest Focus Retreat, location to be announced (FGBC)
March 16-18 – South Focus Retreat, Florida FFA Training Center, Haines City, Fla. (FGBC)
March 20-21 – WLS Class: Women and Scripture, Frederick, Md. (WGUSA) 
April 24-25 – WLS Class: Women and Scripture, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (WGUSA) 
June 21-27, 2015  Great Canadian Adventure, Toronto, Ontario (GBC)
June 21-27, 2015 – Encounter Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga. (EWP)
July 14-19, 2015 – Momentum Youth Conference, Marion, Ind. (CEN) 
July 23-26, 2015 – Flinch Conference (national conference), Newark, N.J. (FGBC) 

CEN – CE National
EWP – Encompass World Partners
FGBC – Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches
GBC – Grace Brethren Canada
WGUSA – Women of Grace USA

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