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Information Dissemination Prior to Filing Form C


Question: What information can an issuer disseminate prior to filing the Form C with the Commission and providing it to the relevant intermediary?

Answer: Information not constituting an offer of securities may be disseminated by an issuer prior to the commencement of a Regulation Crowdfunding offering. For example, factual business information that does not condition the public mind or arouse public interest in a securities offering is not an offer and may be disseminated widely. The Commission has interpreted the term “offer” broadly and has explained that “the publication of information and publicity efforts, made in advance of a proposed financing which have the effect of conditioning the public mind or arousing public interest in the issuer or in its securities constitutes an offer…”. Regulation Crowdfunding, however, does not provide an exemption for the dissemination of information that constitutes an offer of securities by an issuer prior to the issuer filing a Form C with the Commission and providing it to the relevant intermediary. [May 13, 2016]


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