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Friday - April 05, 2013

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The Results of the March 14th Event

It was pretty amazing to see such a nice turn out on the web to our live stream event. I was even shocked to see people come out to our on-site location to be part of our big press event. Each moment of our campaign and development process we can see these two words all over which is HOPE and ZEAL. Hope for change in the industry for a new kind of console. Zeal to see a product successful and free of unforeseen problems. We crave the feedback, we even took screenshots of the chat so we can keep accountable with what gamers and developers need and want. 

We didn't get millions of viewers, but we did get feedback from very core audiences. We got feedback from random people, gamers and developers. We have conducted many surveys, but it is nice to engage in live interaction and Q and A. Thank you very much to all who have attended. Over 75 people attended via FaceBook.

Second 3D Draft Iteration of Controller is Out!

We like to keep you all in the loop as to how we're building our system. One of the most important parts of any device is it's control system. With home consoles, the controller is this. We are not going for motion-controls as it is not the most natural way to game in it's current state. This does not rule out things like gyroscopes, but for now remember those days of old when you hit and held buttons as well as controlled joysticks. The controller is not yet at it's final state, but I would say checkout it's SketchFab link to see new iterations.

We love 2D here, so here is a more beautiful sketch of the controller(opposed to that one released so long ago):

We are very happy to hear user-feedback and we assure you we will do our best to get things done ASAP, but with caution and care. We understand the current 3D model is a bit flat, needs it's trigger buttons moved, may experience texturing issues via Sketchfab, etc. Please drop off all of your feedback to

Fields of Fresh Update

It is quite exciting to see how the Game is turning out. For those developers out there, the latest source code to the Game is available now via GitHub. Right now we're moving along with integrating the level system, weather and lighting effects. We are still learning many things along the way and are happy with the progression speed, with this being our first Big C/C++ game project. You have no idea how many temptations come for me to begin coding a new game, but we're staying the course. 

For you non-programmers/developers expect a game demo after we finish the features above in bold with at least 3 quests. The questing system in our engine was sort of made for a MMO, but it will be slightly tweaked for it's rendering abilities. 

Here is a recent screenshot of the PC/Mac/Linux/Console(Work in Progress) version:

Also here is the GCW-Zero Menu(Work in Progress)


Other Related News

  • Last Month we were filled with awe to see that the popular Game Maker program by YoYoGames now exports to Linux. On March 13th we were happy to see that YoYoGames has now basically ported their engine to nearly every platform now, including Linux! We spared no time to test out games exported on our prototype and we request an Amen, since we were able to run them in our prototype! GameMaker has been used by many to create many gems within the indie scene and we hope to unlock many of them along with potential games onto the system. We can only hope that one day the engine can render even greater 3D graphics.We have been in constant talks with people at YoYoGames and one of our best tweets can be seen here.
  • Speaking of Game Development programs, we also tested the new Unity3D export option and found that it works with our prototype.So two nice, professional and well updated game development platforms works on our prototype. It is just a big victory for ease of use to publish and port over to the system. seeks writers!

Ever wanted to blog? Ever have that zeal to preview or review games? What about interviewing cool people in your favorite industry? Well, I'm out of questions, but I will like to extend the opportunity for you to write with Previously, we were able to acquire an interview with Justin Barwick, the founder of GCW Zero, an open source handheld console  that raise over $238,000 on KickStarter.  With work picking up more, we will like to keep as active as possible, even with a console in development.  If you would like to learn more, please email us

PawByte will be at Flourish 2013! - A Conference dedicated to Open Source Everything!

Woah, last year we were happy to visit Flourish and were happy to share with the world what we experienced on our YouTube Channel. This year, we are not just attending, we're basically hosting the whole thing. Chase and I(Nathan) were part of the small planning committee for Flourish this year, with Chase being the leader of the committee. This year, I will be giving a talk in regards to the Open Source Community being a Community of Inventors. If you're in the United States and more specifically Illinois, you should definitely stop by. Flourish is a FREE Conference and Registration is still open for those interested.

That wraps up our newsletter!

Thank you for your great support and being a part of the change in the gaming and entertainment industry. There are much more adventures to go on, but let's first Finish Fields of Fresh together. Issues in April will be much more frequent, so brace yourself.  Have a great weekend.

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