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Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks

  • View Activity. Use the Activity Report under the My Account tab to see your activity for a selected date range, grouped a variety of ways.
  • 3rd Party Billing. Add a Bill-To Reference to your job, which prints on the invoice and is a grouping option on the activity reports.
  • Find Your Jobs. Use the Search tab on the My Jobs screen to search for jobs by Job Name, Job Number, or any part of the Recipient Name or Address. Make sure to select the correct search option button (Jobs or Recipients).
USPS Mail Holidays

Mail Holidays

Memorial Day: 
May 27th
  • Post Office closed
  • LetterStream closed
Independence Day: 
July 4th
  • Post Office closed
  • LetterStream closed
2013 Postal Holidays
Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendar to visit us at either of these trade shows this month:

AZ CAI Trade Show
Phoenix, AZ
April 12th, 2013
Booth 93

National CAI Trade Show
San Diego, CA
April 18-19, 2013
Booth 805


New eDocuments

LetterStream eDocuments

In today's digital world, many people prefer to receive their documents electronically instead of by regular mail. With LetterStream eDocuments you can send your customers an email with a PDF attachment or a secure link to a website where they can view their document. These can be sent in addition to, or instead of, mailing a paper document. You will have access to tracking data which shows when the email is opened and when the document is viewed. Contact us to learn how to get started with eDocuments.

New Pro Postcards

LetterStream Pro PostcardsNow you can create great looking 5.5" x 8.5" full bleed color postcards quickly and easily. As the sample shows, one side is a full color image and the other side is split with the address data on the right side, and a second image or text on the left side. Just have an address list (or use our online address book) and have your images/text in JPG or PDF format. See our special offer below to send 3 FREE PRO POSTCARDS.

These can be used for:
  • Community wide messages, like association meetings, pool openings, or neighborhood bbq's
  • "Friendly Reminders" for violations with an image of the problem
  • Thank You messages for great looking yards

Smartphone App

How about a smartphone app that allows you to send Pro Postcards? Sounds like a great idea! Email us and you'll be the first to know when this great new app is available.

Recent Blog Post

Easy HOA Annual Meeting Notice Mailings Blog Post

Easy HOA Annual Meeting Notices

For Community Managers and Property Management Companies, annual meeting mailings are some of the most complex document sets that need to be mailed to homeowners. However, for those of you who are already using LetterStream to create your annual meeting announcement, you can attest to just how fast and easy the process has become.

On the LetterStream website you can do the following:

  • Specify paper size and paper color per document
  • Specify 1-sided or 2-sided (simplex/duplex) printing per page
  • Specify black and white or full color printing per sheet
  • Include a return envelope with or without the homeowners return address pre-printed on it
  • Include a secret ballot envelope

What makes this process so easy is that most of the options are simply check boxes that need to be clicked to activate the options.

So whether your HOA annual meeting notices can go out in a standard size business envelope (#10), or require a large flat packet envelope, your mailing can be created online in a flash. If you are a bit skeptical, log in to www.letterstream.com and experiment with our mailing tools to see for yourself.


More recent posts on our blog:

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Featured Partner

COMWeb is this month's featured API partner.

COMWeb focuses on administrator-friendly websites.

COMWeb builds websites that are beautiful, easy to navigate, and simple to set up and maintain for administrators. With a full range of products for HOA's, Property Managers, non-profits and small businesses, COMWeb has a product that will work for you.
3 Free Pro Postcards

Send 3 Free Postcards!

Create your Pro Postcards online, and enter the Promo Code 3FREEPRO on the Checkout screen.

If more than 3 postcards are created, the regular price will apply to the additional postcards.

*This promotion is only valid through April 30, 2013. Limit one per user.

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About LetterStream

LetterStream is a printing and mailing company. We take the work and complexity out of your mailing projects. We handle both first-class and certified mailings of any type of document including invoices, statements, lien letters and other legal correspondence. Visit our website at http://www.letterstream.com, or connect with us on our social media sites via the links below.

Also, see our industry-specific solutions:
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* Third-Party Administrators                             *  Distribution Companies
* Charitable Organizations                               *  Recall Notifications 

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