Halloween Alternatives

Here are a few web sites that MAY be worth having a look at for ideas if you are doing an alternative halloween event.  There is also some background reading so that you can be informative with parents who want to know why you are being such a spoil sport!  Please note that we do not endorse any of the web sites, that is for you to decide if they are helpful to you or not.  The likelihood is, that you will have to adapt for your situation anyway.


Evangelical Alliance


Catholic Culture


Children’s Ministry


Christian Halloween Alternatives


Nick Harding: Church House Publishing (A good look at the issues).


Better than Halloween (as above Nick Harding)


Ministry to Children


Light Party


Friends and Heroes - Bright Sparks


Trick-or-Treat Alternatives: 9 Fun Halloween Activities for Kids


Scripture Union Halloween resources for different ages




Fishers for Kids


Halloween: What Else Fun Can We Do?


Unmasking Halloween - CURBS Project

(I think I have a copy of this if someone wants to borrow it)


More background reading and ideas from Yvonne Morris


20 Alternative Halloween Activities - Ideal for a Light Party


Children's Halloween Bible Crafts


Healthy Halloween snacks


Catholic Icing - “the icing on your catholic cake” (I kid you not)… but some great as well as funny and slightly odd ideas for All Souls party cakes etc.


All Souls Games: This one had me in stitches…



If you have a favourite web site, or ideas for activities please do share them.

All the best


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