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TrackSAFE is a not-for-profit, rail industry initiative endeavouring to reduce incidents on the network. In doing so the aim is to minimise trauma caused to rail employees resulting from witnessing near collisions, injuries, and fatalities while simply doing their jobs.

Feature in the Weekend Australian on Rail Suicide
A compelling and moving feature capturing the stories of those on the front line was published in the Weekend Australian, 27 August. The feature reinforces that rail suicide is a major, ongoing issue in the Australian community warranting immediate action. 

Three train drivers Len Gaut of NSW TrainLink, Rob Maher of Pacific National and Gary Tower of Sydney Trains all share their stories with journalist, Ricky French, of the Australian in the article ‘Tracks of tears’. The train divers each have careers spanning almost 40 years in the rail industry; they speak up about the horrors they have witnessed over the years as part of their jobs.

By telling their stories, train drivers hope to spark conversations about how to reduce the number of lives lost through suicide and the ripple effect that follows. The article can be accessed through the TrackSAFE Facebook page.
Rail Safety Week

A record 48 different rail, police and government organisations participated in this year’s Rail Safety Week. From steam train rides, BBQ’s at stations to a special visit from Thomas the Tank Engine, this year’s Rail Safety Week was bigger than ever before. Police carried out safety blitzes and awareness activities in each jurisdiction, while rail operators and train drivers visited a number of schools communicating safe rail practises. The theme for 2016 was ‘Rail safety – it’s everyone’s responsibility’ illustrating the importance of exercising caution when using the rail network with the onus on members of the public to take responsibility for their own actions. TrackSAFE launched its Rail Safety Week 3D animation featuring little characters that move throughout ‘Tracksville’ playing out key messages of rail safety. In case you missed it, you can watch it here Rail Safety Week will be held again 14 - 20 August 2017.
TrackSAFE Media Launch - Albury Railway Station

 Patron of the TrackSAFE Foundation, the Hon Tim Fischer AC, officially launched the 11th annual Rail Safety Week at the Albury Railway Station, Tuesday 16 August. The event was run in collaboration with Police Transport Command NSW, VicPol, ARTC, NSW Trainlink and V/Line. TrackSAFE was thrilled to see such strong partnerships all in the name of rail safety. The event coincided with ‘Operation Southern Aurora’ that took place in South West NSW. This involved increased police patrol and drug-dog squads in operation, with focus areas at Cootamundra, Wagga Wagga and Albury.
 Thomas and Friends

TrackSAFE together with Sydney Trains welcomed Thomas the Tank Engine to Sydney Central as part of Rail Safety Week. Over 2,000 excited children aged between 2 and 5 flocked to Platform One to see Thomas and Friends. The event included interactive rail safety activities ran through TrackSAFE's Education program, face painting, balloons, free showbags and an opportunity to meet Fat the Controller.

Tram Wrap - Rail Safety Week

Keolis Downer got into the Rail Safety Week spirit by wrapping a tram on its G-Link line covered in a number of safety messages for the public to consume, along with the Rail Safety Week logo. The brightly coloured yellow tram stood out among the busy Gold Coast backdrop raising awareness of commuter responsibilities and general safety messages around trams; the simplicity of the messages lent itself to all age groups. 

Rail Safety Week Primary Schools Competition Winners Announced 

Congratulations to all 219 students from all over Australia who entered TrackSAFE’s Rail Safety Week Primary Schools Competition. Students were tasked with writing and illustrating a picture book about a safe rail journey.


Foundation to Year 2 category – ‘Tommy Turtle’s Train Troubles’
Written and illustrated by Mia, Joel and Taye of St Joseph’s Primary School, Hillston NSW

Year 3 to Year 6 category – ‘The Best Excursion Ever’
Written and illustrated by Kenneth and Abbie of Norwood Primary School, Launceston, Tasmania

There were so many entries which had imaginative and creative story lines and colourful and original artwork to accompany the text. It was very clear that all students put a lot of effort into creating their stories and learned a great deal about planning, writing, illustrating, finishing a task and most importantly, rail safety! We’d like to send a huge shout out to the teachers who guided their students through the task – well done on a mammoth effort.

TrackSAFE would like to especially thank the volunteer judging panel consisting of Marie Alafaci – children’s book author, Shane McG – children’s book illustrator and Dr Tim Kuypers – TrackSAFE Foundation Director who worked tirelessly to read through every entry and mark them against the judging criteria.

TrackSAFE would like to congratulate the winning students on their fantastic achievement in working together as a team to write and illustrate such wonderful picture books about a safe rail journey. TrackSAFE are looking forward to producing the stories into actual books and delivering the prizes to the entrants, teachers and schools.

TrackSAFE Education new classroom posters available for download

TrackSAFE Education has produced three styles of classroom poster representing freight trains, passenger trains and trams. Designed for primary-aged students, they can create their own 'TrackSAFE actions' to write on each poster to pin up in the classroom. The posters complement the learnings in the TrackSAFE Education teacher resources. The posters can be co-branded with member company logos* and can be brought into the classroom during school visits, offered as a rail safety exercise to run with the students. To access the posters click here
*Approvals for co-branding contact Sara Ross

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