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Feb. 10, 2015
Contact:  Jim Wick, Office of Mayor Steve Adler (512) 978-2100


Mayor Adler names new “Community Cabinet” to help accelerate progress on City issues 

Today, Austin Mayor Steve Adler unveils a revamp of the Mayor’s Better Austin Foundation (the Foundation), a non-profit organization that seeks to serve our city government. Founded in 2000 by then-Mayor Kirk Watson, the Foundation supports activities that benefit the long-term goals and initiatives of the City of Austin.
The Mayor intends to establish the “Community Cabinet” as part of the Foundation, in order to provide a diverse group of policy experts to serve the city at no salary or benefit costs to taxpayers. The purpose of the Community Cabinet is to help the city find long-term solutions for vital issues worthy of public support. 
 “The Mayor’s Better Austin Foundation is a vehicle for us to convene a group of thoughtful, bright and diverse voices to help Austin set a new community agenda,” Mayor Adler said, “and the Mayor’s Community Cabinet will be just that – a voice for advancing policy and making progress on the big issues facing Austin at this critical point in our history.”
Headed by a Board of Trustees consisting of District Judge Darlene Byrne and community leaders Cookie Ruiz and Kerry Tate, the Foundation will uphold the highest standards of ethics and transparency.  Conflicts of Interest and Recusal policies and Financial Disclosures will be required of all Foundation Trustees, staff and volunteers.
“We promised during this election that we would deliver on the issues that matter most to people right now – transportation, affordability, water, and others,” says Adler.  “In order to do that, we need to enlist people who can reach into the community and bring together those that can help solve these problems. And we must do that in bright light of transparency, and without current additional cost of salaries to the taxpayers of Austin.”
Similar to other organizations in cities around the nation that are formed to implement programs and policy agendas, the Community cabinet intends to bring people from across Austin together to create partnerships that can transform the city.  The Mayor’s Community Cabinet seeks to help Austin find its way through these challenges and opportunities with the highest levels of transparency, accountability, ethics, and optimism for the continued success of our city.

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