Love This Place! Serve the Earth Week

           Secret Agent of Green Compassion
                Mission 008 - April 25, 2015

Good Morning Agents!

You now know that you are part of nature's conspiracy to take care of itself. Each of us has ongoing secret missions that we are to complete each day to do our part to keep nature in balance. Our job is to tune in to these missions and decode their related messages, the decoding being made manifest through our compassionate actions.

For today, the last in this special week of green compassion, we are asking you to return to the paper you completed in the first four days of the week and to the penny you used to download your positive experiences the last three days.

Regarding the paper, study the circles and draw lines of connection to those that have a clear relationship for you. Connect as many circles as you wish. Make sure to connect them all back to you at the center. What you have here is a map of how you and nature relate to each other on different levels of your experience. Such a map can show you how you receive sustenance and blessing from nature, how nature enriches your life. It can also suggest where and how you can return the favor.  

What can you do to help nature be a blessing to others as well, to benefit their "conspiracy"?

Next, pick up your penny and go out into nature where you can find some soil. Dig a small hole and put the penny into it. As you do, remember that you were able to enjoy all these pleasant moments because nature gives you life and nourishes you. So now you are saying thank you. By burying your penny, you are symbolically sharing your happy memories with nature and taking a moment to be grateful and aware of the earth that sustains you.

We hope you have been sharing your experiences on Twitter with these missions using the hashtag #LoveThisPlace2015. And if you have yet to do so, please use this link to share a photo of a place on the planet you love and why you love it.

Thank you, agents!

PS - If you have enjoyed these missions, please visit Kind Living, the organization that provided them for you this week.
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