The power is in your hands to spread compassion to the world.
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The Games Are Approaching!

We are exactly TWO WEEKS away from the launch of the 2015 Annual Compassion Games on September 11th! At the International Kindness Team HeartQuarters, we have never seen such engagement and excitement coming from players in communities around the world.
In preparation for the Games, Challenge Your friends, Register Your Team, and become a Champion of Compassion to make this the largest compassion coopetition in kindness history! (Learn more below!)

And stay tuned... next week we are revealing and launching our first IndieGoGo Campaign, offering an array of exciting, unique, and heartfelt "perk" rewards as gratitude for your continued support of "Survival of the Kindest".
Thank you for playing in the Games, and making them possible!

With Compassion as Our Power-Source, Playing Together Changes the World!

At the International Kindness Team HeartQuarters, we've just developed a new way that we can spread compassion quicker than ever across the globe. We put this power into your hands, Agent! Click the red button to use this power to challenge your friends to play with you, and accelerate the dissemination of compassion in your communities and world!

Did you know that 1 + 1 can equal 3? When two or more Agents of Compassion come together to do good in the world, they become a team stronger than the sum of their parts. Each individual, and the relationship between them, forms a rare power called "compassionate synergy". If you are playing in the Annual Games with friends (or as a community or organization), consider registering as a team so the International Kindness HeartQuarters can support you, list you on the Scoreboard, and cheer you on!
Champions of Compassion are part of a task force of people who are positioned to accelerate the spread of compassion, and wish to use their personal power to positively influence the development of a more compassionate world! Help us recruit 10,000 new Agents of Compassion, 150 Compassion Teams, and Serve 1,000,000 people in this year's 2015 Annual Games!
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