Love This Place! Serve the Earth Week

           Secret Agent of Green Compassion
                Mission 003 - April 20, 2015

Good Morning Agents!

You are doing great work this week, better understanding our conspiracy with nature and performing actions that nurture it in positive ways. Our guide this week, David Spangler, is helping us with this work through a specific exercise.

Having placed ourselves in a circle in the center of a piece of paper and divided the paper into four quadrants, we have come to better understand our conspiracy with nature from the perspectives of "Body" and "Mind." Today we move on to the third quadrant, "Heart."

  Day Three : Heart
In this quadrant, draw circles that represent specific emotional experiences you have with nature.  For instance, what do you feel when you see a clear lake sparkling in sunlight (or in moonlight!)?  What do you feel when you see a snow-capped mountain? A flower? A bird? What feelings does nature draw forth from you, and what in nature draws forth what kinds of feelings? Note, they don't all have to be positive. The disgust you may feel when seeing the ravages of pollution is one way you may conspire or breathe with the nature world.

As before, choose one of these circles and conceptualize a way for you to complete a compassionate act in acknowledgement of it. For instance, if one of your circles is the "peacefulness" you feel when sitting by a body of water, what action can you take to better ensure others can have this same experience in the future?

Throughout this week, we encourage you to share your experiences on Twitter with the hashtag #LoveThisPlace2015. And, please, in celebration of our conspiracy of positively expressing life on earth, use this link to share a photo of a place you love and why you love it.

Good luck, agents.
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