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For Reflection:
Before moving onto Mission #3, take a moment to reflect on yesterday’s mission. What was it like to fully focus on yourself and consider when you feel the most alive, that special place between wonder, exhilaration, curiosity, and challenge? What do you think would happen if people were able to tap into this experience for themselves everyday? If you haven't done so, report your experiences and reflections for Mission #2 on the Compassion Report Map!

Today’s mission, Agents, is all about US.

As in all of us together, and the power we have when we bring our individual stories together and work as one human team!

Remember your answers from yesterday? They were intended to help identify your natural gifts and passions - a.k.a. what makes you feel fully alive -  and align them with a cause that is closest to your heart.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said:

His life was vibrant and inspiring because he gave his gifts to the world freely. But here's the thing... We each can! And by doing so we brighten up the whole world!

Our third mission is to unleash greatness through service. In honor of Dr. King, find a way to give your gifts to the cause you wrote down that speaks deeply to your heart. It might be about the environment, women’s rights, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ Rights, People with Disabilities Rights, renewable energy, juvenile justice, education, children’s rights, animal rights, or many others.

Each intersecting need in the world is linked to all the others! If each person gives their gifts to a cause in the way that only they can, the great quilt of humanity will be held together by many small acts of kindness. Our gifts and stories come together to make a magnificent tapestry of the human spirit!

Share your experiences as you look and fulfill ways to care for others, yourself, and the Earth on the Compassion Report Map to amplify the power of your actions!

Good luck, Team.

Going Deeper:

Listen to Dr. King's "We Shall Overcome" speech in the spirit of the One Human Family and our ongoing quest for peace and justice.

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