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For Reflection: Through our DNA we now know that all human beings are actually part of one great, beautiful, and diverse human family. Does the fact that we are all related inspire you to look at others a little bit differently? How did holding space for gratitude in life feel to you, and how might gratitude be a healthy component to a thriving Global Village?

Our first mission, Agents, is to unleash the gift of our mindfulness for the benefit of the Global Village.

Like a living web that covers the whole Earth, the connective power of the internet allows us to communicate with each other at light speed to share information, knowledge, and develop deeper understandings of other people and other cultures. Airplanes give us the ability to travel great distances more safely, and so countries around the world are becoming more diverse every day.

If you were to look at our precious Earth from space, you cannot see any boundaries that you may see on a globe or map. These boundaries which separate us from other countries are human-made inventions. The truth is, Agents, we all breathe the same air, drink the same water, and grow food from the same soil, which means we each have a responsibility to ensure they are all clean and safe for the benefit of everyone, including plants, insects, and animals. Every member of the Global Village has a right to a safe, healthy life, and to happiness!

The steps toward creating this Global Village begins with us!

Agents, our mission today is to train ourselves to be the best members of the Global Village we can be by revealing the gift of mindfulness.

In the following video, Agents Oprah Winfrey and Louie Schwartzberg will guide us through the mystery and science behind mindfulness.


Champions of Compassions


Tune into the Global Unity Telesummit hosted by the Shift Network for the first day of the 11 Days of Global Unity!

Today’s Telesummit features Neil Donald Walsch and Steve Ferrel around the first theme, Unity.

Register to join in on the Telesummit for free here!

Tomorrow’s Telesummit features speaker Zoe Wile around the theme of Interdependence.

Today marks Day 2 of the Compassion Relay! Team 9/11 Day has received the Compassion Torch from Points of Light. 9/11 Day is packaging 500,000+ meals in New York City for veterans and those in need.

Read about the incredible work and origins of 9/11 Day here!


UN's Sustainable Development Goal:

Revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can only be realized with a strong commitment to global partnership and cooperation.

Strengthening global partnerships and solidarity is one of 17 Global Goals that make up the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to achieve the global unity that we seek.

Learn more about the targets for this Goal here.

Agents, It's Your Turn!

Agents, your mission today is simply to slow down to allow mindfulness to radiate from your awareness. You may find that you experience more wonder and gratitude, and that you are more patient and loving toward others. You may gain creative insights to challenges you are facing, and feel more connected to life.

If you wish to do so you can support 9/11 Day, our featured Champion of Compassion, to spread their remarkable work toward global unity with others.

By training together, we will explore and discover how compassionate action and the Compassion Games can unite us to care for one another, Mother Earth, and ourselves. Let’s work together to create a Global Village that is safe, just, fulfilling for all members of the Human Family!

As you reveal the power of gratitude in your life, remember to report your experiences on the Compassion Report Map to inspire others around the world.
Good luck, Agents!

Sponsors of the Global Unity Games!

The Global Unity Games are made possible by the incredible support of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics and Seattle Chocolates!
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