Love This Place! Serve the Earth Week

           Secret Agent of Green Compassion
                Mission 006 - April 23, 2015

Good Morning Agents!

Today's mission begins by getting a penny (any penny will do) and putting it in a special place in your pocket where you can get to it easily.

As you go through your day, whenever you have a pleasant moment, for whatever reason, maybe someone said something positive or encouraging to you, maybe you had a special memory that came over you, maybe you saw something beautiful in the world around you, maybe you accomplished something that made you feel proud and good, or you tasted something delicious, take out your penny and hold it in your hand.

Say to the penny, "Remember this moment!" and as you hold the penny, appreciate the pleasure or joy, the happiness or positive emotion or thought you just experienced, no matter how trivial or minor it might seem in the grand scheme of things. In effect, you are "downloading" and sharing the joy of the moment with the penny as if it were a memory drive in your computer.

Tonight as you go to bed, take out your penny and let it "upload" the memories you connected to it into your mind. That is, let it remind you. Think back to each positive moment and let it live briefly in your thoughts.

Beginning today, do this for each of the last three days of "Love This Place! Serve the Earth Week." At first you may forget, but when you feel the penny in your pocket, you'll remember. In time, it will become a habit. This will be your "joyous penny."

Stay tuned for a specific instructions on how you will be sharing your happy memories with nature later this week. And as you know, we are encouraging you to share your experiences on Twitter with the hashtag #LoveThisPlace2015. And, please, in celebration of our conspiracy of positively expressing life on earth, use this link to share a photo of a place you love and why you love it.

Good luck, agents.
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