Love This Place! Serve the Earth Week

           Secret Agent of Green Compassion
                Mission 005 - April 22, 2015

Good Morning Agents!

We begin today by asking you to pose a question to yourself: "Can I see and appreciate the fullness of the life around me and all the forms it takes?"

To be an effective secret agent, you have to be good at finding and decoding secret messages. The question above is a secret message. Your genuine and thoughtful answer is how the message is decoded. It will also serve as your guide to today's mission.

To begin the decoding process, take a walk in a familiar outdoor place. Ideally, where you walk should be a place you see everyday, a place to which you are accustomed. For example, you could take a walk around your neighborhood. This time, however, make an effort to see what you have not seen before. Look beyond the familiar. In doing so, you need to decode some additional messages:
    - What is happening in the nature around you?
    - What can you see in your own yard, for instance, that you normally overlook?
    - What plants and animals are there?
    - What is happening?

We assume we are seeing things because we can name them with familiar names. "Oh, that's my tree, that's my bush, that's my lawn." But these names can make us unconscious of what is happening around us. What, for instance, are the leaves on that tree like? What are they doing for the tree?  How is the bush shaped? What kind of flowers are growing in my yard, not by name but by how they look, their colors, their aroma, and so on? What insects are attracted?

While decoding these more specific secret messages, allow an action of green compassion to emerge and then complete it. In doing so, you will have successfully decoded the message and completed today's mission.

Remember, we are encouraging you to share your experiences on Twitter with the hashtag #LoveThisPlace2015. And, please, in celebration of our conspiracy of positively expressing life on earth, use this link to share a photo of a place you love and why you love it.

Good luck, agents.
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