Love This Place! Serve the Earth Week

           Secret Agent of Green Compassion
                Mission 004 - April 21, 2015

Good Morning Agents!

Through your work this week, you are increasing your understanding of the interrelatedness of nature. As an example, consider how, in the process of gathering nectar from a flower, a bee pollinates the flower. So much does the flower need the bee and the bee need the flower, one could think of them as a single species. We've been referring to this interrelatedness as a conspiracy, and are being guided this week in better understanding it by David Spangler.

Retrieve the paper you've been working with each day this week and get ready to populate the fourth quadrant, "Spirit."

  Day Four : Spirit
In this quadrant, each circle represents a way in which something in nature inspires you, makes you feel connected to a larger whole, plugs you in to the larger community of life, and so on.  These circles show how nature takes you beyond your body, beyond your emotions, beyond your thinking into a deeper place, a place of connection and wholeness.

As you've been doing each day, choose one of these circles and conceptualize a way for you to complete a compassionate act in acknowledgement of it. As an example, if you are inspired by the strawberries your garden produces, choose an action for today that supports gardening.

Throughout this week, we encourage you to share your experiences on Twitter with the hashtag #LoveThisPlace2015. And, please, in celebration of our conspiracy of positively expressing life on earth, use this link to share a photo of a place you love and why you love it.

Good luck, agents.
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