Taking care of the next Jazz generations
Developing the next generation of Vocal Jazz artists
Grace Notes Enterprises (aka Grace Notes Music)

Bringing Youth to Jazz  infants, toddlers, & teens

Teaching the next generation of Vocal Jazz artists.
 Jazz, especially Vocal Jazz is what people come out to hear: at festivals, at clubs, and at parties.
The Singers Center, Grace Notes Music’s Educational division is developing the next generation of singers in a unique way.
    We will be offering courses Onsite and Online. Students from around the world can participate with great artists right from where ever they are. 
   These will be more than just Skype or videos.

 They will be: live, interactive collaborations where both sides actively participate.

***This is where you can help.**** The technology that is able to do it the way we want is costly.
*** Therefore we are asking for your help and the time frame is immediate. Plus as the end of the year approaches you may be  considering tax-deductible contributions. Please consider us.
 Music & artists have always had patrons who recognize the importance of art in our lives; understanding that the arts need support beyond the sale of tickets or tuition.   Grace Notes Music is a Sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization.  
Contributions for the purposes of Grace Notes Music must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. 
     2 course examples:
(1) We will offer Master Classes where the student(s) use a web cam and screen on their end (Computer, tablet, smart phone) and we do the same webcam setup here.
The Jazz Master will do a "show and tell". Then the students will do their performance. The Instructor will give live feedback and answer questions.
(2) The Jazz artist will do a Clinic -"show and tell") and then engage in a dialogue with the students virtually.

Additionally we intend to bring Youth to Jazz! (Infants, Toddlers & Teens). 
This will not only improve the cognitive and creative ability in these children.
It will also be developing the next generations of Jazz fans and audiences. 
We will work with, Libraries, Pre-school & After-school programs, plus community centers.

Go Green and Donate by Credit Card Today.  Any amount is greatly appreciated. Thanks

To see our other planned projects & how your generous contribution is used visit: http://www.gracenotesmusic.com/2013Oct_Newsletter-1.html

Thanks,  Grace

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