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Five Online Tutorials in Strategies for Use of Target Language by Teachers and Students now available (click here )

These tutorials feature videos of classroom practice as well as interactive activities to help teachers identify strategies and improve on their practice. Key messages, ideas on how to use strategies in the classroom, and supplementary resources are also included. 

1. Introduction
2. Teachers Use of the Target Language
3. Students Use of the Target Language
4. Planning and Progression
5. The role of English/Gaeilge

To view the tutorials go to or click on the image below. No need to register, and feel free to dip in and out. Thanks again to all the teachers who so generously contributed.

  ¡Nos lo pasamos fenomenal en nuestro viaje a Salamanca!

The competition winners of  this year's 5th year Spanish competition Amor a primera vista were from Magh Ene College in Bundoran and Ashton School in Cork. Their comments below show what a great time they had and what a useful learning experience it was. Thanks again to the Consejería de Educación de la Embajada de España en Dublin,  La Junta de Castilla y León,  and the Oficina  Española de Turismo in Dublin for supporting the competition.

The trip was a fantastic experience for all, from the moment we landed in Madrid: the sun and blue skies, the beautiful landscapes on our way to Castilla y León and the very impressive sight of the city of Salamanca as we were coming in. For us teachers, it was very interesting to watch the development of our students' language skills throughout the week: they had difficulty understanding the driver that took us from the airport to Salamanca on the the first day. However, on the way back to the airport, they had no problem talking to the same driver with confidence. We would have loved to stay for a full month!
Our students' opinions speak for themselves:
KIN: We had an awesome time in Salamanca. It was a beautiful historic city, the locals were really nice and friendly and the foods were delicious (specially from the "tapas" places. And they were cheap too). My Spanish also improved and I made a lot of friends. I would love to go back there one day! ¡Qué bien!
JACOB: In my opinion, Salamanca was great. It was not only a great opportunity to improve our language skills but it also offered a fantastic insight to a typical Spanish city. Beside the glorious cathedral there were typical Roman style houses with their old red roofs. The people in Salamanca were very lively and there were many young people about. All in all the trip was fantastic and I hope to go back there some day. ¡Estupendo!
Details of the new competition will be available on our website soon.

JC Short Course in Irish Sign Language now being piloted

We are delighted to announce that the  short course in Irish Sign Language (ISL) developed as part of the new Framework for Junior Cycle is currently being piloted  in the Mid-West School for the Hearing Impaired in Limerick.  This short course develops students’ ability to understand ISL, to produce the language and to interact with signers at the A1 level of the CEFR. Students also develop awareness and skills in relation to language learning through comparing and contrasting patterns in ISL with languages they know and they become better language learners through exploring their own language learning strategies. More info on this course is available here. If you are interested in providing either ISL or any other language as a short course please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you learning or teaching Italian? New eBooks available free

We are now providing you with access to the e-books "In Bocca al Lupo!" and Giro d'Italia (Vol. 1 and 2) at no cost! Previously these were not available for viewing or download on iPhones or iPads but now they are. Links to interactive activities are embedded, as well as links to audio files. The recording facility is not available but you can use one of the many apps available for this part of the course. 

The teachers' versions are also available and include in addition to the above, notes on how to make the best use of the textbooks in class. You may also use the interactive activities and audio files without downloading the eBooks.

Click here to access the page with links and download instructions

European Day of Languages

It was great to celebrate the European Day of Languages with Leargas in September with lots of creative initiatives that improve teaching provision and learning achievement showcased and awarded the European Language Label. You can read about them here Our own Bláithín Macken Smith, who is now studying Modern Irish and Russian in Trinity College Dublin, and working part-time in our office, was awarded a Language Learner of the Year award, given to people who are outstanding at learning languages. There are two videos of Bláithín available for viewing which give you an insight in to how her interest developed and how she managed to get A1s in Japanese, Spanish, and Russian.  Click here to see the video showcasing her language learning produced by Leargas and presented on the day and here to see the video submitted by PPLI for nomination of the award. You may remember that previously she had written a blog entry on our website which we shared in an earlier newsletter.
We will be hosting a number of workshops and events this academic year, so do follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page in order to stay informed.

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It is also useful in terms of keeping up generally with what's happening in post-primary languages and being able to access other material of general interest to anyone interested in Modern Foreign Languages education.
We are hoping to facilitate the setting up of an umbrella group for Language Teacher Associations with a focus on MFL teachers rather than teachers of particular languages, shared pedagogy, a stronger voice for language teachers, the opportunity to learn from each other, avoiding the duplication of efforts, encouraging communities of MFL teachers to work together including in schools, and support for Junior Cycle reform. We are currently looking for committee members to represent their language teacher associations so if this is something you would be interested in please let us know before the end of October.

Supporting Multilingual Classrooms Workshop

This event was held in June. Teachers, school leaders and teacher educators from around the country came together to explore methodologies and share experiences on supporting mulilingualism in schools. We were delighted to welcome colleagues from Northern Ireland too and are looking forward to continuing the collaboration.

This workshop, was part of a series of European Centre for Modern Languages workshops supported by the European Commission, held in a number of member states to ensure access to quality education for migrant learners that will help bridge the attainment gap between these learners and non-migrant pupils.,

Some of the teachers attending the Dublin workshop come from schools where up to 50% of the student population speak at least one language other than English or Irish at home. The Minister of Education, Richard Bruton T.D., commented that “it is important to encourage the enhancement of such home language skills, which are an important cultural and economic asset for us all”.

Creating an inclusive school environment in which all languages are valued is important and we are looking forward to gathering  participants again to share more resources, and examine together how multilingualism in theirour schools can become an asset, and how a whole school approach to supporting it can be developed. 

ISLA (Irish Spanish Latin American) Festival 20th-22nd October. Click here for info

CPD for French teachers: Vous trouverez ci-dessous les ateliers de formation continue organisés dans les semaines à venir pour les profs de français :
  • Apprendre et enseigner l’intonation et les gestes liés au français par une approche innovante des dialogues, atelier animé par Odile Ledru-Menot, du 1 au 4 novembre à Dublin, Athlone et Limerick. Click here
  • Stage d’habilitation des examinateurs DELF (A1-A2), animé par Bérengère Langlois, les 1 et 2 novembre à Kilkenny. Click here
  • L’enseignement interculturel autour de la civilisation pour les professeurs de FLE, atelier de l’AFA animé par Eric Bailblé, le 26 octobre à 16h à Blanchardstown. Click here
The GDI German teachers conference is on November 12th in Trinity College Dublin. More info here

ATI Italian Teachers conference is on 26th November. For more information go to their Facebook page here

The Japan Foundation is now calling for applications for its programmes in Arts and Cultural Exchange, Japanese-Language Education Overseas, and Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange. For further information: Program Guidelines for Fiscal Year 2017

La Commission Européenne and L'Alliance Française celebrate the European Day of Languages with a French-Irish film evening, Thursday 20th October
Dublin Arabic Film Festival 11th-13th November in the IFI (Irish Film Institute), Dublin. More info here 
'Live, Love, Learn Languages' Event hosted by OVFL Friday 18th November TCD, 6.30-8.30pm. Stakeholders will speak about language learning and teaching, language policy, languages in business and innovative projects with languages.
IRAAL conference Saturday 19th November. Paradigm Shifting in Applied Linguistics: New Theories and New Methods. More info here
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