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NLP in Practice:
'The Artistry of Connection with Dido Fisher'


Saturday September 26th 



Ditchling Common
BN6 8SD 


10 Earlybird tickets now on sale at £145+VAT (saving you £70 off of the full ticket price) now on sale 

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26th September:

NLP in Practice: 'The Artistry of Connection' with Dido Fisher

31st October:

Generative Coaching Certification with Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan

14th November:

Save the Date! NLP Masterclass TBC

5th December:

Save the Date! NLP in Practice: Be More Creative! with Jonathan Goldsmith & Dido Fisher

30th January 2016:

Leadership and Mentoring Programme

17th September 2016:

PPD Learning NLP Trainer Certification 2016


Judith Lowe, NLP Master Trainer

An outstanding trainer with a background in professional theatre, she is a popular keynote speaker, performer and teacher. She is frequently modelled for her creative, intelligent and entertaining style.

"Judith Lowe is one of the most vibrant and visionary people I know. She is a superb trainer and brings a special energy and passion into everything she does. Her style incorporates a marvelous balance of confidence, compassion and humour complemented by impressive competence and skill."
Robert Dilts Co-Developer of NLP


MP3 Recording for Sale 

Did you know that we have recordings from the last 6 Robert Dilts seminars for sale on the website?

You can buy the recordings on their own and buy them together with the manuals from the events.

Available for sale are:

Resilience and Leadership: Tools for bringing Bateson's Genius Alive today 

Energising Collective Intelligence

The Art of Authentic Charisma

From Surviving to Thriving

Fitness for the Future 

Unleashing the Creative Genius of Your Team


Work one-to-one with
Judith Lowe
for yourself and your business.

Judith is an experienced personal and professional
coach with over 25 years of experience. In her time
as a coach she has worked with a veritable 'who's who'
in the business world coaching professional clients across the public and private sector.
If you would like to have the opportunity to work one-to-one with Judith either on your own
personal developmental journey or to have
her work on or within your business please contact for more information.


NLP in Practice:
The Artistry of Connection with Dido Fisher


NLP in Practice is our new series of events bringing to you workshops from our PPD Learning trainers and our associates  in the field to give you an experience of how people are using their NLP in practice. 

For the first of these events we are working with Dido Fisher who is a PPD Learning NLP Trainer and a Horse Whisperer. Dido is one of PPD's long term colleagues and associates and has been assisting on our Master Practitioner trainings and Masterclasses over the last 8 years.

NLP In Practice is an opportunity for you to see what our NLP Trainers are doing with their work and to experience the best of NLP in practice for yourself.

For those of you that haven't worked with Dido or met her on one of our trainings we caught up with Dido and asked her some questions so you can get to know her and her work better:

Interview with Dido Fisher

What made you interested in NLP?

I became interested in NLP as I have been exploring trainings in many different fields of personal growth and development since my early 20s.  I have always been interested in getting to the source of what is often labeled and accepted as ‘human conditions’, and uncovering whether indeed these psycho-socio states were actually human conditions or cultural constructs of life that we call reality. NLP has been a bigger player in this research for me as it looks to identify the difference that makes a difference. 

How are you using your NLP?

I think once a subject, principle or process has deepened into the muscle, into the bones of the self, its effects are generative through all the one does. So as well as using NLP everyday in my daily work with clients, I’m aware that the choices I have available to me are partially due to the expansion created by my personal NLP work. It’s a virtual virtuous circle, the more I do with my myself, the more I am able to be a grounded model for my clients, and the more gravitas I have because my work is centered from my own personal commitment to change and expansion.

What are your personal favourite aspects of NLP?

I notice that the clarity of language patterns has really helped me in my work. I can see that the relationship I have to visual modalities has helped me build what is now a conscious conversation with myself.  I also feel that as my work is built so strongly around somatic integration, NLP has given me the tools to build a clear bridge for translation to other modalities that I find invaluable.

What are some of the fun aspects that you’ve ever had with your NLP in practice?

When I think about having fun in my NLP in Practice, I have hundreds of images flash through my mind of memories both as a facilitator and a subject. Without wishing to impose my map on others, I notice that for the most when change occurs the surge of energy, relief & achievement often leads to a wave of excitement, enthusiasm, fun and humour. So generally my clients and I find that change work is ultimately a lot of fun. Even when some very extreme emotions have been felt, at some point there tends to be much laughter.

What are your top tips for practitioners?

Listen, listen, and listen.
With every inch of your being, listen.
Listen with you ears, listen with your eyes, but 1st listen with your body. 
Let the client show you what they are trying to reveal to themselves. 

What does NLP in Practice mean to you? 

Bringing NLP to life, in life. NLP was never a static form but a live ever evolving practice.

How does your NLP in Practice sit alongside your work with horses?

My NLP practise has been running for as long as my studies in equine communication and the two are personally intertwined as i cross pollinate. I have been teaching one with the other for many years because at a fundamental position they directly correlate. I have found my mixed practise to speed understanding and deepen somatic integration, whilst removing blocks and adding a touch of wonder.

For more information and to book your place on this NLP in Practice event see below:


NLP in Practice:
The Artistry of Connection with Dido Fisher

September 26th |
Huntswood, Ditchling Common, BN6 8SD


Super-earlybird tickets are now sold out! 

Limited Earlybird tickets on sale now for £145+VAT


Before linguistics there was the language of the body, the primary source of connection

In this unique, new NLP in Practice workshop we will focus on developing more connection through rapport, refined calibration, elegant state management, and anchored confidence, whilst also having lots of fun.

Who is this training for?

For coaches, therapists, trainers, business pioneers, and leaders in their field. Those interested in finessing their skills both personally and professionally will find this session will take your NLP practice to the next level through practical exercises, inquiry & discussion, live modeling, and for some the adventure of working live with a horse

This highly innovative & unique programme offers answers in those areas where NLP can lean in a cognitive bias. NLP was developed from modeling success and originally designed to be an embodied, interactive and alive moment-to-moment practice. Here, on this introductory day with horses you will enhance your capabilities and awareness like nowhere else by dipping into this wholly embodied experiential somatic work.


“In hypnosis you are seeking to alter their body awareness, their body understandings, their body experiences, their body responses.”  Milton Erickson

Horses are coded to notice and respond to non-verbal communications and the subtleties expressed from deeper intentionality. They only give live moment-to-moment, direct, honest, detailed and specific feedback. When this feedback is read cleanly it creates a perfect platform for transforming inner conflicts swiftly, profoundly, generatively and yet gently.

Join us today on be hypnotized by the somatic wisdom of the horse. A ‘trance’ of connecting to another with mind, body and soul. Let the horses will show us what we have missed in our interactions with humankind.

We will be focusing on some core themes through the day:
  • How the map is not the territory, and how connection changes the outcome
  • Learning to spot the ‘tell’ with deepening calibration
  • Understanding the uses of Neutral, Responsive and Retractive states
  • Feeling the ‘field’ by circling though perceptual positions

Deepen your NLP skills into the muscle & develop more skill in:
  • Heightening Sensory Acuity & calibration
  • Pacing and Leading with deepening rapport
  • State management and flexibility
  • Congruent & compelling communication
  • Experience and & experiment with alternative meta programs
  • Learn to Shape and Anchor your own behaviour elegantly
  • Increase your capabilities to coach & lead

Create Self-rapport & congruence!  Revitalise your calibration!!  Walk your talk!

Come join us in the countryside under a big sky in this truly remarkable exploration of the ‘field’. An educational, enlightening & fun day of personal and professional development with NLP Trainer and Horse Whisperer Dido Fisher. Dido has been cross-pollinating the two fields of research for almost 20 years, creating training skills in self-leadership that increase both capacity and power available for personal acquisition and applicable in any given field, both professionally and personally. Helping people imagine themselves in new ways.

For those who may be thinking of putting themselves forward for a demo no experience with horses is required. Boots and trousers will be.


More information on this workshop:

Location:          Sussex, 50mins by train from London & 1.15mins by car.

Taxis from Burgess Hill station are approx. £9 and can be booked in advance and shared among a group

Lunch:              Tea & coffee plus sweet treats will be provided. Please bring a shared dish for a picnic style pot-luck lunch.

Weather and Clothing:        We have options to run this event both indoors and outdoors depending on the weather. We will provide you with suggestions for both options on booking. 

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Dido Fisher Biography:


Dido is an accomplished trainer, facilitator and coach with 20 years experience of training across a variety of industries for high profile companies and organisations and has presented atconferences around the world. She is presently facilitating programmes around non-verbal communication skills for medical students and healthcare professionals at Kings, Barts, & St Thomas’s hospitals in London. As well as having worked with many well known organisations such as Specsavers, Amex, Reuters, & Llyods she has presented at many internaional conferences and works prolifically with inidviduals particularly around areas of confidence, health, creativity and special needs. She is a PPD Learning certified NLP Trainer and incorporates NLP thinking and techniques into all aspects of her work. For the same length of time she has practised NLP, she has also been an Equine Behaviourist and has been integrating these two practises for almost 2 decades.

Her trainings are often described as engaging, meaningful and fun. Dido has a passion for finding what makes learning valuable to a particular individual or group. She likes to cross-pollinate and share best practice across genres of industry, in order to support people’s accessibility and success in the ideas & visions that beckon them.

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