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This Week's Big Idea: Stop Being Super Busy! 
We get angry at ourselves, we get angry at our family, friends, and co-workers, and often--we get angry at God. We were not designed to live this way--always going and never resting, always working and never playing, always doing and never being. 

A few years ago, after months of insane work, I went to a friend's beach home to relax for a few days. For 24 hours, I just sat and looked at the ocean waves crashing back and forth. I could feel a physical reaction in my body as stress was exiting. 
I knew I had gone to the edge; thankfully, I did not go over. But, that day taught me a lesson. I had to make some serious changes in my life and schedule. 

Nonprofits leaders can struggle the most; we are passionate, knowing we are called to solve a specific problem. 

It’s important for us to remember that we are not lone rangers; we do not have to solve all of the world's problems. We are not super heroes; we are finite humans who have limits. If we cross the line, we can do irreparable damage to ourselves, our careers, our organizations, and our relationships

This Wednesday, I will be sharing some key tips on what I learned about working too much on my blog. (You can sign up here to have the post sent directly to your inbox!)

Put These In Your Pocket 
(This Week's Five Great Articles)

1) Twelve Trends in Leadership Today
"#5. The rise of the tribe and network - Community is crucial, and relationships win."
2) The Dark Side of Fundraising When You Don’t Have a Plan
"True leadership means trusting people, and giving them the tools and freedom they need to get the job done."
3) 5 Tips To Kickstarting Your Day 
"I usually ask myself two core questions each day: (1) At the end of the day, what will matter most? and (2) What is enough?"
4) The 15-Minute Morning Routine That's Already Changing My Life
"Aside from the usual stuff like picking out an outfit, eating your breakfast, and taking a shower, what do you do in the morning?"
5) Storygridding 
"What you discover is truth. You discover that the problems driving you mad are just problems. Not your own deeply ingrained character defects. You discover the truth that with a little elbow grease and perseverance (and don't tell anyone, but fun too), your writing problems can be solved." 
Bonus: Catch up on my newest blog post, Essentialism: Keeping Your Organization Out of the Graveyard

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you next week! 

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