Casualty data for terrorist/rebel attacks tracked by IntelCenter in Dec. 2013.

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Global Casualty Data for
Terrorist/Rebel Attacks:
Dec. 2013

IntelCenter tracked 2,077 people killed and 2,558 people injured in 688 terrorist/rebel attacks worldwide in Dec. 2013. The highest killed in any one attack was 100 and the highest injured was 167. The average killed per incident was five and average injured nine.

The total number of incidents marks a 2% increase over Nov. 2013. Deaths increased by 17% and injuries dropped 1%. The average killed per attack increased by one and the average injured remained the same. The highest killed in one attack was 33% higher and highest injured was 16% lower.

Numbers are based on incidents tracked by IntelCenter and reported in the Incident Component of the IntelCenter Database (ICD) as of 16 Jan. 2014. Terrorist and rebel casualties were not counted unless the fighting was between rebels groups in which case they were. While IntelCenter makes every effort to count every incident, these numbers should be viewed as minimums as the actual numbers are likely higher.

The IntelCenter Database (ICD) allows you to produce instant reporting on casualty data for any country as well as breakouts by group, tactic and target set. For additional details on the ICD and the 115,000+ incidents it covers back to 2000, please click here.

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