Wendee Gardner- UW-Madison
Anonymous Nomination

"Wendee is always fearless and will stand up for what she feels is right. One of the current things she is doing, along with another classmate, is developing a new program at UW aiming to "teach youth from groups underrepresented in the PT profession about what PTs do". The group also strives to "allow everyone to feel comfortable talking about race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and all of the wonderful things that make us different, so that we can be good advocates and allies for our patients." I am excited to take part in this new adventure for our school." 

A little bit more about Wendee and ADEPT:

Wendee Gardner MPH, DPT Candidate '17, began her health career in 2004 as an HIV/AIDS educator in Peace Corps Tanzania.  While working at the NW Tribal Epidemiology Center, Wendee collaborated  with tribal members to develop the first ever CDC-recognized, evidence-based sexual health intervention for American Indian youth called Native VOICESWendee is currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she along with another DPT student, Avelene Adler, co-founded a student group called ADEPT (Advancing Diversity and Excellence in Physical Therapy).


ADEPT members are working alongside the UW-Madison DPT program to reach out to youth from groups currently underrepresented in the PT profession. This fall members will begin to provide interactive single-session lessons to middle and high school students of color throughout the Madison area. 

Also to make sure that DPT students are knowledgeable about the experiences of underrepresented peoples and equipped to address health disparities, ADEPT members will plan lunchtime lectures/discussions with the goal of making everyone feel comfortable talking about race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, and all of the wonderful things that make us different so that we can be good advocates and allies for our patients.
Angela Sondalle & Maddie Simon- Carroll University
Nominated by: Matt Ferlindes

Angela and Maddie are the perfect examples of excellent PT students! Both of them excel in the classroom and both are so motivated and passionate to spend their time outside of the classroom working on research and adding to the current literature that is out on PT. They do an amazing job of sharing their knowledge with other researchers that have a lot less experience and set a great example as researchers and future PTs!
Jack Michael- Carroll University
Anonymous Nomination

This SPT excels in every aspect of graduate school and continuously strives to learn about the latest evidence based practice through reading research. 
Noah Bernhardt, Hannah Williams, Amanda Gumm, & Amanda Staffen- Carroll University
Nominated by: Matt Ferlindes

Noah, Hannah, Amanda, and Amanda are absolutely amazing PT students and also are the absolute best study group! Each of them brings their own strengths to our study group and all of them make sure to support each other through all of the ups and downs that come with PT school! They all also make sure to bring a lot of humor to the table, which always motivates me to keep moving forward no matter what! They are all the best and I am so glad to call them all friends and study partners!.
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