Kimberly Alcock- Marquette University
Nominated by: Caitlin Fortuna 

Kim was elected as the Patient Relations Board Member at the Marquette Pro Bono Physical Therapy clinic at the beginning of the summer. Since appointment of the position, she has been exemplifying the attributes of being a leader and has gone above and beyond expectations of her position. She was not given much instruction on her position at the start of the summer, as this was the first summer the clinic would be open. She used that openness to develop her role into an extremely valuable and crucial member of the Clinic's team. This summer, Kim has single-handedly scheduling a full summer patient caseload for the clinic, managed new referrals, and translated all of our intake forms, evaluation forms, marketing brochures, directions sheets, and exit survey into Spanish. All the directors of the clinic are very proud of the hard work Kim has put into the clinic this summer in keeping it up and running. She is the reason the clinic's first summer session was a success and we hope that current and future members of the clinic will follow her vision and leadership in developing and progressing the Clinic in years to come. 
Matt Ferlindes- Carroll University  
Anonymous Nomination 

Matt is an outstanding example of a PT student. He is energetic, determined, and excited to continually progress his skills as a PT. HIs positive attitude lifts up the people around him. Sometimes it is easy to complain, but Matt never does so. Instead he enjoys overcoming the challenges that are presented.
Noah Bernhardt- Carroll University
Nominated by: Matt Ferlindes

Noah is always very positive and sends out WPTA emails to our class and always finds a way to make the emails positive and funny even if we are in the middle of a ton of exams! He is also a great study partner and remains on task while still keeping the mood positive! His jokes are top notch as well!!!
Zach Hodgson- Marquette University
Anonymous Nomination 

This person is always taking time out of his weekends to volunteer for PT related events. He is an active member in the Adaptive Abilities Club here at Marquette which helps disabled people try sports that they have never done before and teach them to look past their disabilities to do things they never thought they could. He literally volunteers every weekend, sometimes for events that can be as early as 4am! He is very active within our program and is always trying to get others involved as well. You can tell that he really cares about the profession and does everything he can to stay involved. He also just became a committee head at Marquette as well. He is dedicated and a good leader, who I think will go far!
Rachel Jermann- University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee
Nominated by: Jamison Bryant 

Rachel has done an excellent job of ensuring that our class remains engaged with other students as well as with the greater (non-PT) community. By helping to coordinate activities such as events that allow second-year students to assist first-year students in studying, promoting social events like trivia fundraisers and PT pub nights to help students within the class bond both with each other and with students from other schools, and acting as an activist/town crier for PT-relevant legislative issues like Medicare alterations, Rachel has a profound effect on our class that we would be hard-pressed to replace. Couple this with the work she does to benefit our community, such as her volunteer work (which far exceeds anything required by our program) and activity to combat discrimination and injustice on all fronts, and it becomes clear that she is easily worthy of this nomination.
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