October and November WPTSN Superstars
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Kristen Behl- Carroll University
Nominated by: Stephanie Koch

Kristen has dedicated countless hours to planning and organizing events, such as fundraising events and our graduation banquet. She is consistently looking for feedback from others and does her best to make decisions that will benefit the class as a whole. I have no doubts that these skills will serve her well as she transitions into a professional role as a physical therapist.
Sarah Ceschin- UW-Madison
Nominated by: Karen Lovely

Sarah has done a wonderful job stepping up as a leader among the UW-Madison DPT Class of 2017! Sarah did a wonderful job helping to organize fundraising efforts to cover student costs to attend NSC, and throughout all the efforts she shared contagious energy and a smile. Thanks for all your hard work Sarah!

Keith Diers and Dannielle Dolan-
UW LaCrosse

Anonymous Nomination

Keith and Dannie have been doing a wonderful job acting as liaisons for their class. They have done a lot of hard work and advertising to ensure the most students possible from UW-La Crosse have the opportunity to attend NSC. Dannielle’s family also offered up their home for as many UW-La Crosse students wanted to stay their during the conference, including meals.
Andrew Fix- Carroll University
Nominated by: Rob Hofschulte

Andrew Fix excels in a conference setting and did an excellent job making connections with students from various programs across the country. His high energy enthusiasm was contagious at the conference and his enthusiasm was utilized very well while assisting with the 50/50 raffle during PT Pub Night.
Caitlin Fortuna- Marquette University
Anonymous Nomination

Caitlin Fortuna is a member of Marquette University’s APTA liaisons and has been highly involved in promoting the profession of physical therapy during national PT Month. She did a great job of orchestrating free group fitness classes as well as passing out educational fliers and info sheets about PTs being “the movement experts” while volunteering at a major campus wellness event called “Fit Fest”. Additionally Caitlin is a director of the student run Marquette Physical Therapy ComMUnity Pro Bono Clinic and had great success organizing fundraising events such as a grilled cheese and bowling fundraiser. She recently made several valuable contacts at the National Student Conclave with other student run PT Pro Bono clinics and continues to come up with new ideas to advance both the clinic, and the PT profession as a whole, towards future success!
Rob Hofschulte- Marquette University
Anonymous Nomination 

Rob is a member of Marquette’s APTA Liaison committee, President of Marquette University PT Council, APTA WI Core Ambassador, and recently elected Vice President of the American Physical Therapy Association Student Assembly Board at the National Student Conclave event in Milwaukee, WI. Rob has been the cornerstone for implementing a number of improvements with the MUPT Council such as increasing attendance at weekly MUPT Council meetings through promotion of the DPT Points incentive program. Additionally Rob is one of the founders of the increasingly popular WPTSN events called PT Pub Night. He always has a TON of enthusiasm as well as some killer dance moves, and will continue to be a major leader in moving the physical therapy profession forward. Keep up the Great work Rob!
Taylor Holmes- Carroll University
Anonymous Nomination

Taylor is the research coordinator for a current proposed research study. He has developed and designed the proposal, finalized research procedures, trained peers in the performance of research tasks, recruited, interacted, and tested nearly 30 participants from the local community, and corresponded with faculty and peers to complete a manuscript for future publication. Taylor also participates in a journal club weekly related to human movement analysis. Taylor uses his “teach back” technique and has other students teach the information they have learned back to him, which ensures that they truly comprehend the information. Studying in small groups and allowing the students to lead the sessions like this and encouraging their growth is only a small testament to Taylor’s character.
Cara Lewellyn and Matt Paluchniak- Marquette University and Concordia University Wisconsin
Nominated by: Rob Hofschulte

Cara and Matt are the two amazing students who took the lead on planning the NSC PT Pub Night. Cara contacted the Brothers and Matt utilized his connections with to help us with publicity and funding. The night has to be one of the most successful PT Pub Nights to ever occur since they were created. There were other amazing members in the NSC Assistance committee who did a great job but Matt and Cara's efforts on this night really deserve to be recognized individually.
Marquette Massage-A-Thon
Anonymous Nomination
Spearheading our major fundraiser for not only graduation ceremonies but also all the functions our class officially puts on throughout our time in the PT program is a massive undertaking. These three have been more than equal to the task and demonstrated their ability over and over again. The funds raised go towards our graduation ceremony, so our class could not be more thankful for their dedication!
Nicole Melfi- Marquette University
Nominated by: Rob Hofschulte

Not only has she done a phenomenal job as our class president, but through this role she has been an integral part of each of our individual committees. She has planned additional fundraisers for our class's graduation fund, to keep costs low for our families. She keeps class morale high through classmate recognition and fun notes each semester as we go away on our clinical experiences. Nicole also does a great job networking with other programs and with one program in particular, she found out about a great service learning trip.  Nicole was moved so much by the incredible experience that her friends had that she sought out different ways to bring that same service learning trip to Marquette. She also helped to create this WPTSN Superstar Committee and it truly speaks to who she is as a person, always striving to recognize those for their positive work!  Most importantly Nicole is a incredibly supportive and caring friend who is always there for you when you need it.
TJ Mochel- Marquette University
Nominated by: Rob Hofschulte

TJ is one of the go-to guys for numerous committees and projects that go on at Marquette including but no limited to APTA Liaisons, MUPT Council, Challenge, etc. TJ always brings fresh and innovative ideas and more importantly has the initiative to see the ideas through to their completion and not leave them waiting at the station. TJ has focused on increasing PTA involvement in the Challenge and has done an excellent job increase the number of PTA schools involved in the challenge. TJ is a phenomenal friend who entertains crazy off the wall ideas, helps make then a reality and has helped to keep me sane during PT school.
Dana Namowicz and Katie Popovich- Marquette University
Anonymous Nomination

Katie and Dana both worked very hard to organize a service project for their entire DPT class. They were able to set up two dates where students volunteered at an assisted living facility to perform free falls risk assessments. Because of their dedication, organization, and enthusiasm, Marquette PT students were able to assess over 130 individuals.
Brittni Swanson- UW Milwaukee
Anonymous Nomination

Brittni is a shining example of all that a DPT student should be. She is hard-working, loves research and has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, eagerly applying what she learns across classes. She is an elected board member of UW-Milwaukee's DPT Student Association and actively promotes the programs and ongoing development of the organization. Her enthusiasm is contagious as she throws herself into fundraising for scholarships, organizing special events, and participating in activities from the fun to the mundane, whether it's running for charity or cleaning a classroom.  She is quick to listen, open to differing opinions, and readily supports her fellow students' work as she skillfully incorporates and builds upon their ideas. As someone who applies a strong work ethic, shares her love of learning, serves as a leader, promotes the PT profession, and exhibits commitment to her classmates, Brittni is the kind of student that every DPT program should have.
Dan Tyson- Marquette University
Nominated by: TJ Mochel

Dan is in his first year of the professional phrase and had reached out to many students at Marquette who have active roles in various student committees to learn how to get more involved. He has been successful in getting involved by becoming an APTA Liaison for his DPT class. Dan's will to become involved is one of the reason Marquette's student committees will continue to grow and improve.
Jake Wendt-
Concordia University Wisconsin

Nominated by: Matt Paluchniak

Jake has been getting more involved this fall, both within and outside of the Concordia PT program. He has become a WPTSN member and recently was awarded, by the Academic Liason Committee, the opportunity to shadow a professional mentor at the WPTA Fall Conference. Jake continues to do more and more through CASPT at Concordia and is a leader within his class in multiple ways.
Rachel Whitehouse-
Marquette University

Nominated by: Caitlin Fortuna

Rachel has been selected as a program champion for Marquette University. Rachael is always enthusiastic and is able to show her passion for physical therapy not only through her words, but through her actions as well. I especially want to recognize Rachel's amazing job volunteering at a late night fitness event at Marquette by passing out informational flyers and talking with students about physical therapy. Even though it was very late in the evening, Rachael's energy and passion was able to move students and promote the profession.
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