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It's Tool Time!

Landscape projects need the right tools to succeed, and we've got 'em in spades! 
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The All-Steel Nursery Spade is Wolverine’s flagship tool.

Its blades are made from high carbon USA Steel, then heat treated for unmatched strength and durability. The blades are mill sharpened to create a razor sharp cutting surface. Aircraft quality steel tubing handles are powder coated for smooth, comfortable use.  Options include 12” or 15” Blades and Long or D Handles. Ribbed Blades and Foot Pads also available. 
Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects
The strongest, most durable Landscape Rakes on the market.
Ready to handle any type of soil, the Steel Landscape Rake by Wolverine offers a heat-treated head and tines which are virtually unbreakable. Its 4-bolt head attachment adds stability and strength, and the smooth powder coated handle provides comfort without residue. Available in 18”, 24’, and 30” widths. Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects

Wolverine’s 10 Tine Mulching Fork is constructed of the toughest materials.

With a 24” Wood Steel D-Gripped Handle and a 10 Tine 24” Steel Head, this fork will perform above and beyond your expectations.  Forged heads provide maximum strength and long service life. Riveted connections prevent wobbling.

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Wolverine Tools
Woven Needle Punched Landscape Fabric
This composite combines woven and non-woven materials into one product for dual functionality in the landscape.  
The non-woven fabric increases water permeability. The black woven needle punched textile offers excellent strength and a high degree of UV resistance. Its color prevents light penetration and the needle punching method of fabrication provides stability on slopes.

The result: air and water flow through easily and weed growth is severely restricted. Heat sealed edges prevent fraying or unraveling. Color stripes placed 12” apart allow for easy plant spacing and alignment.  Easy to cut and install.


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Excess rain or water from irrigation will naturally flow to low areas. Unless an efficient drainage system is in place, that excess water may stay ponded and destroy turf, drown plants, and create an environment that invites mosquitos to breed. 
Thank GOODNESS we’re here with lots of Drainage Solutions!
Protect plant root systems from overwater and rot with the Flow-Well Storm Water Leaching System from NDS. Flo-Well units collect, retain, and discharge storm water on-site.
Each unit holds over 48 gallons and allows the captured water to be released back into the subsoil quickly & easily to replenish ground water tables.  Each well measures 24” in diameter and is just over 28 inches high.

Image: 1” dia. Percolation Hole Knock Outs.  4” dia. Drainage Connection Holes
A Flo-Well is ideal as a stand-alone drain or as part of a larger system of wells that can be used together to drain large areas. 
Flo-Wells must be installed 10 feet away from a structure or foundation.
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It's tool time!


Landscape projects need the right tools to succeed, and we've got 'em in spades!

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