June 2016 | Issue 32
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Arts for health as a concept is still in its infancy in Canada.  It is a relatively new field that we can only describe as emerging.  So this month we want to talk about our vision as Arts Health Network Canada.
Our vision as an organization and as a goal-directed movement calls for enabling arts to join in the path to health and healing across Canada.
We envision the day when the arts and arts programs for health are no longer the exception but the rule, an integral part of a holistic approach to better health to be found in clinical as well as community settings around the country.  More specifically,
  • We envision that all Canadians will benefit from the health and healing power of arts.
  • We envision a strengthened role for the arts in reducing health inequalities among vulnerable populations.
  • We envision that the arts will contribute to lowering costs, increasing effectiveness, and supporting the sustainability of our public health care system.
This is a definitive moment in the field of arts and health in Canada. We have a unique opportunity to develop the most effective programs and strategies, forge new bonds with the health care community and find new ways to ensure the role of the arts in Canada’s health care system. More than ever we need to make connections and open up the conversation between the many diverse and deeply engaged groups and individuals who make up this emerging field.
We also need to be able to share best practices with one another.  As a Canada-wide resource, Arts Health Network Canada is uniquely positioned to lay the foundation for best practices in Canada. But first we need to determine and define what these best practices are so that we may better serve patients, practitioners, health care providers, individuals and communities across Canada.  We have a plan to work on a toolkit to help both the arts and health communities identify which kinds of arts experience will be of benefit to Canadians for a range of health issues, starting with those affecting our vulnerable populations.  We’ll share more of our plans with you in coming months.

Yours in Arts & Health
The AHNC Team

Zen and Paper

Zentangle, a doodle-based art form, is finding favour among artists and psychologists as a meditative and therapeutic practice

Zentangle is an art from akin to doodling that is based on a human behaviour in which one refrains from planning and allows lines and shapes to unintentionally emerge. Apart from being a relaxation technique, Zentangle art is slowly bridging the gap between art and psychology for people.



My Journey Through Bipolar to Making Music for Mind 

I gently beat my head against the wall. I had spent three days speaking in an Irish accent whilst simultaneously pretending to be Donnie Brasco, the main character in one of my favourite gangster movies. 



Janis Timm-Bottos

Janis Timm-Bottos is passionate about co-creating small, accessible spaces for spontaneous art making and dialogue in order to increase understanding ourselves, strengthen our relationships across divides, and build meaningful community life.  A former physical therapist, she is an art therapist and associate professor in Creative Arts Therapies at Concordia



Dance for PD: a preliminary investigation of effects on motor function and quality of life among persons with Parkinson's disease (PD).
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