August 2015 | Issue 23
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August started on a bitter-sweet note, with the passing of Geoff McMurchy, a trailblazer in Canadian Disability Arts at the end of July. His perseverance and belief in arts has been an inspiration to us all. Find out how you can get involved with Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture and continue his powerful work, here.
Every summer Canadian cities seem to come alive with opportunities for public creative expression, whether it is salsa dancing in a busy city square, or beautiful tunes played on a public piano. With the long hours of daylight, it hasn't been difficult to find the time for artistic pursuits and creative challenges.
As we say goodbye to the lazy days of summer, and trade our flip-flops for winter boots, keep the creative spirit alive by marking your calendars for Culture Days, which kicks off at the end of September.  Check out our calendar for workshops, events and happenings in your area.
Stay tuned for a more information about “Arts and Health Month” coming up in November. 
The AHNC Team    

The Health Perks of Arts and Crafts for Adults

Be Healthy, Happy and Mentally Fit – Make Music!

Act 2: Learning And Teaching The Arts After 60

Storytelling in Medicine: the Passion and the Peril

Visual Arts Geared to the Visually Impaired

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Julie Blue

Julie Blue, pianist, composer, singer, choir director, teacher, and volunteer shows extraordinary vision and creativity. Her uplifting music and warm encouragement inspire people to find their voices through the joy of singing. In the past 30 years, thousands of people have been impacted by Julie’s concerts, recordings, workshops, and choir. Many experience the power of music to heal and transform.



Science Just Discovered Something Amazing About What Childhood Piano Lessons Did to You

If your parents forced you to practice your scales by saying it would "build character," they were onto something. The Washington Post reports that one of the largest scientific studies into 



Otto Kamensek

A diagnosis of arthritis means major life changes. Career paths are altered and the hours you are physically and emotionally able to commit to your work differ daily. Friendships, love, social activities and sometimes hobbies are sacrificed to accommodate the problems associated with 


Sept 1 - Dec 3, 2015
Art Therapy: Artful-Spiritual Connection 
Edmonton, Alberta

Sept 1, 2015
Art Nights
Vancouver, British Columbia

Sept 9, 2015
Music Care Webinar - Music, Education & Creativity 

Sept 16, 2015
Project EveryBODY - International DisAbility Film Culture & Art Festival
Vancouver, British Columbia

Sept 28-29, 2015
Canadian Dance Assembly's National Conference 
Toronto, Ontario

Sept 28, 2015
Cracked: New Light On Dementia (McMaster U Performance) 
Waterloo, Ontario

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