September 2016 | Issue 35
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With the leaves changing colour and the smell of ‘pumpkin spice’ in the air, Canadians from coast to coast are celebrating Thanksgiving. At AHNC there are preparations of a different kind. We’re gearing up for the most exciting time of the year for us: Arts and Health Month is just a few short weeks away in November and we’re excited!
Arts and Health Month is an internationally recognized month to celebrate and raise awareness about arts’ contributions to health, healing and wellbeing. This year we want to add even more voices to the arts & health conversation in Canada, and we need your help to do so! 
To get involved, send us an email and we’ll send you the Arts and Health month logo to add to your email signatures, and to post social media, and/or on your website (or one that you manage).
You can also take part in our Arts Health Challenge –Keep an eye on our social media and website at the beginning of November for a daily prompt that will help you exercise your creative muscle, and even help you feel better.
Send us stories/videos/photos, using the #artshealthmonth hashtag, about how you, your friends or family are integrating art into daily life and how it has positively impacted your health.
And, as always, follow the #artshealthmonth hashtag on social media to tag and share posts using the hashtag!
We’re looking forward to celebrating this month with you. So stay tuned!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Yours in Arts & Health
The AHNC Team

Fannie Bay Gaol Inmate Art Program Offers Creative Pathways to Healing, Jobs.

Behind the Wire showcases works from Territory prisoners at Darwin's heritage-listed jail and raised more than $12,500 through sales to the public.

It has offered a taste of success to inmate and novice painter Kevin Tomlins who sold his 



Yaron Butterfield

While taking a career in Cancer Research developing and using software to analyze cancer genomes, my other passion is in writing and drawing/painting.  Art in both forms has been important for me since I was young as a way to express my thoughts and feeling. Often it's the only way as words sometimes do not adequately capture my thoughts. I kept a journal by my bedside since I was a kid to document and process my thoughts and dreams.  Sometimes I would sketch my dreams when half awake. 



Creating Together Participatory, Community-Based, and Collaborative Arts Practices and Scholarship across Canada

NCCA Creative Caregiving Guide

Pathways Singing Program
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