May 2016 | Issue 31
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As a Canada-wide network we are always looking to expand our reach across the country.
We are currently on the lookout for prospective board members who have the interest and the skills to guide our organization through new stages of development. 
Our current board includes directors from five provinces who provide insight into the intersection of arts and health, and into the development of AHNC as an organization. Our next stage of evolution calls for broadening our board to guide us in fundraising and project delivery at a national level. Interested? Or know someone who is up to the challenge of helping build a national arts and health movement? Let us know by contacting us by email at
Yours in Arts & Health
The AHNC Team

Want To Be Less Anxious? Try Group Drumming.

There must be another way to “beat” anxiety and depression than taking Prozac. According to research there is — and “beat” is the operative word. Researchers have found evidence of a surprisingly effective treatment for anxiety and depression — and it doesn’t come in a pill.

Drumming is universal. It transcends age,



Janelle Albukhari

My heart is pumping steadily, faster and faster. An iron vice grips it as I feel the pain in my chest begin to explode, tightening slowly, constricting me like a giant python wrapping itself around my body.

I feel a hot flash coming to my face, and I know it’s only moments away. I try and think calming thoughts: bunnies, my boyfriend, home, pizza, the first time I rode a bike. But all I can see—



Dr. Lalit Chawla

Dr. Lalit Chawla is currently a full-time family physician at Chatham, Ontario and graduated from Medical School from the University of Alberta. He completed his Family Medicine Residency in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he practiced for many years.  He is actively involved in teaching and curriculum development as an Adjunct Professor at The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.   

Last month he was awarded the “2014 University



Life Writing and Dementia Care: A Project to Assist those ‘with Dementia’ to Tell their Stories

Dance for Parkinson’s: Harnessing the Power of Dance to Improve Health and Wellbeing

Museum Activities in Dementia Care: Using Visual Analog Scales to Measure Subjective Wellbeing

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