February 2014 | Issue 10
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Greetings! Now that we have a relatively regular schedule worked out for updating the contents of the website, we have turned our attention to enhancing the features of the internal site, where community participants can join discussion groups and engage in online dialogue. We are happy to let you know about a new discussion group that was recently created by our colleague, Judy Weiser, on the use of photographs in health practice. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to join in the discussion or to start a new discussion topic. Please let us know if you come across any problems navigating the internal site. As usual, we would love to hear your thoughts and invite you to keep the Arts & Health conversation going strong!
In the spirit of creativity and wellness,
Nicki Kahnamoui
Acting Executive Director, Arts Health Network Canada

The Rise of Superhero Therapy: Comic Books as Psychological Treatment

How Asperger's Reignited a Passion for Art

Toronto Hospitals Using Art to Heal Patients

Leaving Their Mark in Promoting Mental Health

Replacing Drugs with Music Enhances Lives of Seniors

The Healing Touch of Art in Antigonish Hospital

Study Looks at Dance as Therapy for Parkinson’s Patients

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Arts and Health Champions

Zal Press

Zal Press is a proponent of the use of patient narrative in medical education as a tool to improve the practice of patient-centered care. He founded Patient Commando Productions in 2010 as a social enterprise to produce authentic patient experience programming that informs and enriches our understanding of critical health care issues. For 25 years prior to founding Patient Commando Productions, Zal was the president of a contemporary wall décor manufacturer after a career as a marketing and communications professional. Throughout this period, he managed a chronic illness while developing his new career as a professional patient. His wife and 2 now-young adult children played pivotal roles in the 30 years it took him to move up the patient engagement ladder.

Arts & Health Infographic

The Arts & Health Infographic was developed by AHNC based on a literature review of arts & health in Canada in 2013.  It also reflects the comments and perspectives of over 20 leaders, champions & practitioners in the Canadian arts & health sector, who graciously provided feedback over three iterations of the document, as well as feedback from our colleagues in the States and the UK.

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Penny Clare

I was mostly confined to bed in a dark room – for years, and years, and years. At some point, in this isolated sea, I started taking photos. From my bed, in the dark. And my relationship to my illness and circumstances took on a different meaning and found creative expression. It was my way of creating movement.

The vast majority of my photos were shot with no artificial or natural daylight, though daylight was occasionally gleaned from a small opening or crack in the curtains or door.

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March 6-18, 2014
Embrace Aging
Victoria, British Columbia
March 6-7, 2014
Humanities in Health Care Symposium
Calgary, Alberta

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AHNC's Arts & Health Infographic


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May 31, 2014
Arts & Health Call for Papers: Arts, Social Health & the Military

June 30, 2014 
Aboriginal Student Access Program

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