May 2015 | Issue 20
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Since our inception Arts Health Network Canada has been engaging Canadians—arts/health practitioners, organizations, decision makers and the general public—in understanding the connections between arts-based activities and their positive effect on health and healing.
From our start, we have been fortunate to receive support from our community partner, Arts Health BC, and its BC funder, 2010 Legacies Now.
Today we are proud to announce that, after months of tireless effort, Arts Health Network Canada has achieved charitable status in Canada!
Charitable status provides us with the opportunity to open up new channels of support for AHNC to keep the Arts & Health conversation alive, and to undertake new initiatives and projects.
But none of this would have been possible without you. We thank you for your unwavering support of the Network over the past four years. Undoubtedly, your visible interest in our website and our work contributed to acceptance of AHNC’s application for charitable registration.
At the same time we have been strengthening the AHNC board.  From initial roots in BC, AHNC has been expanding its board membership to include directors from across Canada. Tom Carson in Winnipeg, Christian Sénéchal in Montreal and Frédéric Julien in Ottawa have joined our BC-based directors: Heather Hay, Susan Summers and myself. Our newest board addition is Jennifer Nicol who joins us from the University of Saskatchewan.
Together with our ardent team of contractors, we plan to continue steering AHNC into the forefront of Arts & Health in Canada, mapping out new courses along the way.
But first we need to build a secure foundation of ongoing support. Our ask of you at this time is for ideas—ideas on where we should focus our efforts in both programming and fundraising. You’ll hear more from us on this topic in the near future. 

Ludmila Jagiellicz                                          
Chair, Arts Health Network Canada  
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On The Map: Arts & Health in BC

The last decade has seen a burgeoning of arts & health activity across Canada. In hospitals, classrooms, community centres, parks and cultural spaces, more and more Canadians are embracing the notion that the arts have a role to play in health, healing and wellbeing. Further, the arts provide an innovative avenue to explore personal, social and environmental factors that influence the health of individuals, populations and the sustainability of the health care system. 



Shauna MacLeod

I am a maker at heart who creates decorative and functional domestic ware as well as ceramic sculpture using primarily Nova Scotia red earthenware clay.  Much of my work has a personal connection vital to what I want to communicate and is strongly influenced by my environmental landscape and significant life events as well as historical ceramics.  I want my work to show evidence of the handmade, to express the comfort and ritual of daily use, and to represent community, sharing, and ritual.

My work is a beautiful example of Nova Scotia Pottery and uses richly saturated colours 




May 1-29, 2015
Photography Exhibition: Man-Up Against Suicide
Winnipeg, Manitoba

May 29-30, 2015
BC Art Therapy Conference
Vancouver, British Columbia

Jun 1-2, 2015
See and Be Seen
Vancouver, British Columbia

Jun 4, 2015
Creative Age Festival 2015
Edmonton, Alberta

Jun 10, 2015
Webinar: Music & Parkinson's Disease

Jun 14, 2015
PhotoTherapy Centre's 6-day Certificate Training Course | Intensive Practical Training in Judy Weiser's PhotoTherapy Techniques
Vancouver, British Columbia

Oct 28, 2015
Art Heals Health: Health Heals Art 
Vancouver, British Columbia

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